Full Moon Time…

Full moon in Aquarius is Friday, July 23 at 8:36 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Also known as the “Buck Moon”, this full moon opens opportunities to challenge beliefs, habits, how we view ourselves, how we see others, what we are putting up with, our thoughts, emotions and actions. Don’t be surprised if you are somewhat triggered during this time and needing to deal with something distasteful that comes to the surface. On the other hand, you could be hugely inspired by some inner momentum to do things differently and make exciting changes in your life. Embrace eccentricity and unique individuality in yourself and others and, whatever else happens, stay out of martyrdom, blame and judgment. 

There is freedom being explored and if you can be, think, and act a bit unconventionally, you will harness some of the gift of this moon. Just don’t go overboard and say or do something overly impulsive you will regret later. This is a highly creative time where thinking outside the box and coming up with inspiring innovative ideas and solutions and then sharing them with others will have long lasting effects.

And let’s not forget the fun! Laughter, humor and a bit of wild abandon can help lift you out of feeling less than exuberant about life.


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5 thoughts on “Full Moon Time…

  1. I was awoken at 4am to my room being aglow with its coming full light VK. It wanted a chat I think so I could appreciate the beauty of its glow across the water out the front of my place. Come Friday it should be glowing well 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋

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    • Sounds pretty….We’ve had three weeks of continual rain so I don’t know how much glow I will get 😦 I wish these weather wars would end…It’s getting old. Hopefully it will be clear enough to view the beauty. I so miss being able to comment on your blog…I hope you know I read it and try every time but it always times me out. Just know I’m there reading Mark….You’re in my thoughts. Be well and enjoy the full moon! VK ❤

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      • Yes and I can’t figure out what is happening, I’ve given up to the fact I may be ‘disappearing’ to do something else or go somewhere. Spirit has only nudged me but I’m still not sure what it is and as time goes by my ability to comment on others sites and others commenting on mine is becoming worse as time goes by. it is a frustrating thing to not comment and share in something with a friend. But I can feel you dear lady, that love thankfully is un-blockable. So I thank you truly for just being you 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏽 🦋 😂 🤣


    • Many of us have felt a pulling back from being on the blogging circuit as much. For many I think the intensity of what is going on is demanding our energy to just stay balanced within our own beings! I also feel like our job is pretty much done, we have awakened as many souls as are going to awaken and so it is time to invest our energy someplace new. Where I too do not know. I don’t feel I will disappear totally, not just yet anyway, but as you know, I do not post often anymore or if I do it is mostly astrological posts. My poor fried brain can’t dream up new posts I’ve written but maybe once a week if even that. These times are way more than I ever dreamed possible. I guess I really didn’t realize just how profound EVIL truly is. I think it has shocked my heart( not my mind) the depth people will go to destroy us all. How can one even comprehend that humans could be so dreadful, then again they truly are not human I don’t believe. Satan takes on many forms so he can slip in unnoticed…Anyway, I am so sorry I am still unable to post on your blog but if for now you come here when I post we can chat here 🙂 Be well Mark and stay safe. Your country seems to have lost it’s ability to reason lately. Thinking of you…VK ❤

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