Full Moon Time Again…

Full Moon in Aquarius is Sunday August 22 at 6:01 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is an auspicious time to connect with more inner confidence, clarity, good luck and success. Relationships of all kinds are supported – especially around new adventures, novelty and exploration. It could be an exciting time to launch something new and a good time to receive the support you need from others to move forward with commitment and stability. Be inspired, be creative, be social, be outgoing, reach out, share your wildest dreams and focus on being happy no matter what.

If you are struggling, do some self care with your comfort in mind without going over into self indulgence. It may be a discipline not to dwell on the shift (without the f), but this full moon is an opportunity to move beyond what brings your vibration down and launch you into a new sense of self, more connected with your passion and desires. Don’t waste this chance for bringing in more happiness, good fortune, creativity, partnership and success. 


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I just wanted to check in with everybody as I sense we are about to make a huge change in the world, our worlds. We are each responsible for our own worlds and how we feel, but we must not ever lose sight of the bigger picture, that being we are all responsible for each other. We are all one entity sharing this planet and our lives. We have a choice as to how we live that life. Have we chosen wisely? We are in the middle of a very disturbing war for our minds. Our enemies are many, lurking in unsuspected places. Are we paying attention? Are we noticing the evil creeping in upon us or are we oblivious because we are busy living our lives? Regardless of whether you are awake or asleep, we are headed for some seriously difficult times ahead. Not more than we can handle, but it will be challenging to our fortitude. This is the new world we are constructing and in order to clear the land and begin building we needed to clear away the old debris that was broken and disheveled.

For many that transition from the old to the new can be overwhelming and terrifying. Change is always a force to be reckoned with. The important thing to remember is we will get through this hard time! It is why we are here to dismantle the old and erect the new. It is time for setting aside differences and learning to come together as one, where we are supposed to be.

The division we are witnessing being pushed by the media is false just like everything else. We have been programmed since birth to believe there is a difference between the people, taught how to form an attitude about each other, are encouraged to go against each other. The world is quickly changing and minds better begin to open up if they are to get through what lies ahead. It will take an open mind and an open heart to settle in the new world. Judgement will no longer be tolerated, acceptance and compassion will be the normal now.

We are learning to think in terms of what is good for all rather than our usual thinking of what is good for me. We are realizing slowly and cautiously that we need each other. The disaster unfolding before us right now is at times terrifying and quite often infuriating. It is a movie being played out before our eyes and it just keeps repeating on a loop. It’s never ending until we decide to end it! And that is what this war for our minds is all about. How successfully can we be controlled. If we chose to awaken ourselves we cannot be controlled at all and that is their greatest fear. So wake up and be a part of creating our next world.

Stay strong through the turmoil that is coming. Don’t buy into fear mongering, search the Internet for the truth instead of believing everything you are being told because it is not true. Our time is upon us! Let the creation begin. May the sun shine brightly and may the flowers bloom in colorful splendor. It’s there waiting for us, we just have to stand up and FIGHT for our rights on every level. No more sitting quietly and watching. You want change? Then BE the change and step up and step forward. Forget the fear they want you to feel and focus on what can be and how great it can be if we just make it happen! Wishing you all the best on the journey ahead! Stay safe.

Much love to all ❤


Open Thine Eyes…

I remember many years ago hearing the saying ‘walking between two worlds’. I thought I understood what it meant, but living in today’s world has shown me more clearly just what that saying truly means. It brings to mind yet another saying ‘Living on the edge’ and oh what an edge it is. Razor sharp and almost impossible to navigate. But here we all are, being forced into war with one another thanks to non stop propaganda via the corrupt media. The information war is raging full steam ahead and the battle for our minds is on. While I am keeping a close eye on what is going on around me hence my name Visionkeeper, I also feel energized at the idea that we are in the process of creating our new world right now. We can watch everything through the eyes of anger, resentment and hatred, or we can view what is occurring through the eyes of how we can manifest a new world and be done with the old and broken system. These are the two worlds, one of hope and new visions of how we can grow and the other is the old world, the broken world, the world of darkness and control, the world of corruption and greed. I am being forced to live in the old, broken world physically, but mentally I live in the new world, I think new world thoughts and conjure up new world solutions and ideas. I am straddling the edge of trying to maintain balance between both worlds. It is frustrating because I don’t wish to be here in the old world any longer, but it is what it is for now. I came here to bear witness to this monumental moment in time as we move out of one paradigm into another, out of power and greed and control into unconditional love for everyone.

I am hoping that maybe the Marxist horror show we are all witnessing and freaking out about will finally make us realize the errors of our ways. For instance, if we are all protesting for our freedom and our rights because we don’t want to be locked up or locked down, why then has it been acceptable to us to lock animals in zoos and cage them for medical experimentation against their will and their rights? We wouldn’t want that for ourselves and we shouldn’t want it for innocent animals that just want to be free as well. This disaster we find ourselves in is a grand opportunity to open our eyes and honestly see what we have all been a part of. We are all guilty, but feeling guilty gets us nowhere, so instead, let us use our guilt to change our ways and become the more civilized people Creator wished for us to be. As we protest and fight for our freedoms, let us not forget the innocent animals crying out to be free as well, after all, we are all one. Maybe now we can begin to grasp the true meaning of that!

Blessings and much love to all,


New Moon Approaching…

New Moon in Leo is Sunday August 8 at 7:50AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is a moon when the open heart is inviting us to be progressive, inclusive and self-aware. Be prepared for a bit of chaos, possible accidents, and unexpected situations as we navigate a less than stable energy. You can be inspired and excited or get anxious and go into fear. Keep a sense of humor close and your attention on evolution, improvement and new possibilities. This is a good time for releasing attachment, letting go of stubbornness, keeping an open mind, and working proactively with change.

Consider and ask yourself how your management team of Curiosity, Optimism, Creativity and Humor can support you during this New Moon.

Make sure you have plenty of personal time to reflect on your own shi(f)t, and take responsibility for what is yours as well as setting good boundaries against what isn’t. If a direction you have been moving into suddenly changes due to a new insight or another’s choice, make the shift with grace and gratitude.


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Cosmic Weather Report

Cosmic Weather Report August 2021On the Edge of Aquarius

August begins with two planetary aspects on the first day of the month that aren’t rare but significant: Sun conjunct Mercury and Sun opposing Saturn.

The Sun is the shining light of selfhood, which wants to grow you along the track of your creative blossoming. Mercury is the here-and-now context of your local surroundings, those people, places and things that play a role in the unfoldment of your destiny. When Sun meets Mercury, your immediate environment invites you to find new and freer ways to relate with it, opening your creative force to have a positive effect on the world around you, and vice-versa.

Sun-conjunct-Mercury happens in Leo on August 1, the most physical zodiac sign, energizing the body as a means toward getting current with what’s going on in your world. The cells of your body are aflame with the universal creative force that wants to express itself through your actions. Like everything in the cosmos, the organism that is you has a unique role to play in the Grand Design. Sun/Mercury loosens up stuck energies between who you are and what the world is showing you, so expect shake-up and transformation in your local field.

On the same day, the Sun opposes Saturn, with Sun in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius, which many astrologers regard as the key Signs of Our Times. Here, at the onset of the Aquarian Age, Leo (Selfhood) and Aquarius (Collective Evolution) are having the latest battle in centuries of Polarity Wars, which this conjunction sharpens to immediate relevance. Obsolete forms of selfhood, mired in incorrect ideas and false power, are being countered by the possibility of a future we all can share, rather than for the chosen few, but this vision requires immense self-trust and faith to champion. 
The Tug-of-War between the way it’s been through the ages, and the way it can be now, is heating up in individual consciousness and world government.

Mainstream media is a joke. Families and friends have gotten divided by polarized politics and manipulated fear, and free speech is under severe attack. We’ve entered the critical wake-up call of our time. If enough people awaken to how they’re being played against each other, and strive to find commonality, humanity may live to see not just the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, but its full 2,000 year flowering. Otherwise, we’re in deep shit.