The Choice…

What strange energies have been swirling about for several days now. High winds screaming about the windows, rain pouring down for three days and a massive Solar Flare that hit the earth yesterday, all thrown down upon a world of many lost souls whose ability to think has been stolen from them. Many of these lost souls do not even realize they aren’t thinking for themselves any longer, their ability to see truth vs lies has vanished and been replaced with programming. So many can see, yet so many are blind, so many understand what is happening to the world around them, yet so many don’t even have a clue. It is a very frustrating time to be alive. I find I stay home a lot now rather than venture out into the Twilight Zone, for that is what life truly is outside the sanctity of my home. To say it is a challenge is a huge understatement.

As time marches on and we get dragged further into the insanity, its imperative for us to wake up and save ourselves! Turn OFF your television sets and stop being programmed into becoming someone you are not. You are being led astray for an evil agenda that will have dire consequences on your life and on your freedoms. Many do not understand the urgency of the situation because all they have been told are lies. If they do not wake up and break free of the stranglehold they are in, it will be too late and there will be no turning back. The point I’m trying to make here is that there is nobody out there who will be coming to save us, Creator is pushing us into a corner and forcing us to wake up from the dream we have been languishing in and save our own butts before its too late.

It is we who became complacent and disengaged from reality, falling prey to technology and becoming hopelessly distracted. Have you ever wondered why mobile phones are called “Cell Phones”? The sleeping half of society is addicted to their so called Smart phones, locked in cells of their own choosing. Personally I think they should be called dumb phones because that is what they are. They are dumbing down the people and destroying critical thinking. We have become a society of believers who assume everything they are told is the truth and nothing could be further from the truth. The people are being bombarded with lies which has now disabled their ability to to see the truth. This has become a very dangerous situation to be in.

Please wake up and fight for your freedom while you still can!!! We are all standing at the edge of the precipice. Will we just stand there quietly and wait to be shoved over the edge, or will we take a stand and demand our right to be free to live the life we choose for ourselves? The choice is ours and now the time has finally run out. Stand up proudly and push back or be pushed over the edge into oblivion.

Blessings and love ❤


On The Edge To Nowhere…

I really don’t have anything in particular in my head to write about, I just know that there is a huge buildup of unused creative energy inside of me that needs to be released. Everything going on here and around the world has hijacked my mind and my attention so my creativity has been placed on a shelf for now and survival has become front and center. We are at war and it is quickly picking up speed and intensity and we are all now on the frontlines fighting for our freedom and for the truth to finally be revealed. This is our time to come forward and and speak out, to shine the light of truth into the darkness, to be non compliant gracefully and to open our hearts to all those now being rudely awakened and have no idea what is going on. We can offer them understanding and a guide map to the light as best we can, not at our expense by any means, but hopefully we can share a bit of our energy where needed.

There will be very rough waters ahead to navigate as we push forward. I hope we can help one another stay afloat, strengthen our support systems and figure out ways we can all go around the many obstacles we will face as we continue on this journey. It is important, now more than ever, to silence the non stop propaganda corroding people’s minds and ability to think for themselves, and muster up the courage to finally face the truth of our reality right now. Yes, it will take great courage indeed to allow our minds to accept the truth that we have all been lied to. Rather than sink into despair and give up, let us instead focus on freedom and all the new possibilities it will bring to us all so we can pursue what really matters most for a change. We must not allow our freedoms to be stolen from us!

I know everyone is war weary, especially all those waging battle since at least 2012 if not earlier, and we are longing for an end to it all. It’s coming, but we still have fighting left to do if we are to secure our freedom so humanity can finally evolve to the next stage of being human. Stand strong for your beliefs, stand strong for the positive future you know is possible, stand strong and do not comply, but rather resist with grace. Live your life as your heart wishes you to live! We do not need military might to win this war we just need great courage to embrace the truth and the determination to never give up no matter what obstacles gets thrown at us. Stay well, stay safe and keep resisting! If you need help or support reach out, people are here for everybody. Together we are a powerful force!

Blessings and much love ❤


Full Moon Energy…

Full Moon in Aries is Wednesday, October 20 at 8:56 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Also called the Blood Moon, this full moon opens a portal to drama, power, aggression, passion, challenge, opportunity and a bigger energy than we are used to dealing with on a daily basis. Known among native cultures as the Hunter’s moon, this moon supports action, being assertive, and moving forward with power. Watch for impulsive behavior, power struggles and aggression. More than any other recent time frame, this is one to be careful of what you ask for. It is also super important to stay positive, optimistic and to harness the passion for your clear intentions instead of being negative about what is not working and who is “doing you wrong”.

If you are prone to excess and addictions, this may either be a difficult time frame for you, or one where you find the discipline to release the patterns so you can reinvent your habits is a healthier way. This full moon can either jump start you into a new and amazing direction or it can catapult you into a negative spiral downward. If you allow your judgments and negative emotions to get in the way, you won’t have an easy time of it. This is an opportunity to break free of an old operating system. There is likely to be “breakage and breakdown” as you and others adjust to a new way of being. Be patient with your environment, the feelings of others, stay in your own lane, and say some good prayers. This is a big one! Focus on the opportunities for change and improvement. Avoid conflict, arguments, power struggles, and the need to be right.



Cosmic  Weather Report October 2021 Seeking Honest Camaraderie & Authentic Power

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax  Putney Mountain,Vermont

Between October 6th and 18th four planets go direct (Pluto on the 6th, Saturn on the 10th, and Jupiter and Mercury on the 18th) lifting veils and releasing withheld energies. With three of the four in air—Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, and Mercury in Libra—the emphasis is on communication, particularly messages you’ve been holding back that now need to be delivered.

This equally applies to self-messages, because we’re living through a time when people are not only being constantly lied to, but even more, lying to themselves, although many of those lies masquerade as political correctness and common sense. However, it takes uncommon sense to question the dominant narrative, which we need to do if humanity is going to awaken.

Alongside the planets turning direct in air is Pluto going direct in earthy Capricorn, demanding we release self-created hells through a sustained program of compassionate self-confrontation. When you gain honest understanding of who are you are beneath your mask, and deep recognition of what you’re really feeling, you begin the long twisting climb out of the personal underworld into the light of evolutionary transformation.

Although collective consciousness is sadly delusional these days, several layers beneath that hell, the soul of the species, which is sick of being held down, and ravenous for something real, is beginning to rise all over the world, seeking honest camaraderie and authentic power. Telling unwanted and inconvenient truths to yourself and others is the first step to clearing the way to the life that feels good to the soul.

Who Are You Really?  Why are you here? How Much Longer Are You Willing to Wait?

New Moon Energy…

New Moon in Libra is Wednesday, October 6 at 5:05 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Be kind no matter what today and be proactive with decisions, direction and your own personal intentions around improvement, self-care and progress. This is a good day for a reset and realignment. Reflect on what has been out of step, out of integrity and out of alignment. Take some action (rather than be in reaction) to readjust. The decisions may have to do with something that needs to be released. If another person is involved, do it kindly and with compassion and don’t take their reactions personally.

Spend a little time in the creative process of reinventing – even if it is only sharing ideas and inspiration with others. Avoid confusion by striving for balance and keeping your eye on your goals. Put energy into what is clear rather than into what is not and practice loads of patience with others that are being challenged. This new moon provides a great opportunity to move forward even if it does not feel like it at the time. Find some humor and do something to de-stress.