On The Edge To Nowhere…

I really don’t have anything in particular in my head to write about, I just know that there is a huge buildup of unused creative energy inside of me that needs to be released. Everything going on here and around the world has hijacked my mind and my attention so my creativity has been placed on a shelf for now and survival has become front and center. We are at war and it is quickly picking up speed and intensity and we are all now on the frontlines fighting for our freedom and for the truth to finally be revealed. This is our time to come forward and and speak out, to shine the light of truth into the darkness, to be non compliant gracefully and to open our hearts to all those now being rudely awakened and have no idea what is going on. We can offer them understanding and a guide map to the light as best we can, not at our expense by any means, but hopefully we can share a bit of our energy where needed.

There will be very rough waters ahead to navigate as we push forward. I hope we can help one another stay afloat, strengthen our support systems and figure out ways we can all go around the many obstacles we will face as we continue on this journey. It is important, now more than ever, to silence the non stop propaganda corroding people’s minds and ability to think for themselves, and muster up the courage to finally face the truth of our reality right now. Yes, it will take great courage indeed to allow our minds to accept the truth that we have all been lied to. Rather than sink into despair and give up, let us instead focus on freedom and all the new possibilities it will bring to us all so we can pursue what really matters most for a change. We must not allow our freedoms to be stolen from us!

I know everyone is war weary, especially all those waging battle since at least 2012 if not earlier, and we are longing for an end to it all. It’s coming, but we still have fighting left to do if we are to secure our freedom so humanity can finally evolve to the next stage of being human. Stand strong for your beliefs, stand strong for the positive future you know is possible, stand strong and do not comply, but rather resist with grace. Live your life as your heart wishes you to live! We do not need military might to win this war we just need great courage to embrace the truth and the determination to never give up no matter what obstacles gets thrown at us. Stay well, stay safe and keep resisting! If you need help or support reach out, people are here for everybody. Together we are a powerful force!

Blessings and much love ❤


11 thoughts on “On The Edge To Nowhere…

  1. Hi VK. I feel we are heading to an implosion very soon. I feel there are too many opposing forces at play, even the forces on the same side are at loggerheads with each other. I also feel it’s all totally nonsense, as if we are all in a snow globe that’s been shook up and we’re all over the place trying to settle down again. No idea where that thought came from, it just appeared as I was typing! Sigh.
    Hope you’re well, VK. I’m in the process of returning to blogging and writing again… and yes, trying to get settled once more!
    Have a great Saturday.

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    • Good to see you back TL…I hope your heart has mended and you are able to resume life at the mansion again. I’m sure it’s been a very hard journey to endure. Just glad to see you back and of course it’s your favorite time of the year!!!! Get the candy out and start decorating 🙂 You too have a great weekend. Do buckle up though as that time is close at hand I believe. Velcro yourself in place and hang tight! VK

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    • I hear ya TL! At least don’t let anything destroy your love of the season. Many of us are writing very little these days as everything going down is commending our attention and even more to get away from it all.. Staying quiet and staying present instead of where fear will drag you. Stay well, take your time and just know you are NOT alone! VK 🙂

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  2. Thank you VK, it has already begun. There was a news item in Italy that has found that their government had been tallying all deaths as Covid-19. They investigated and found that only one third was actually due to the virus. And their walls of lies come tumbling down 🙂


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