Thinking Outside The Box…

As the craziness picks up steam and continues to roll over the world crushing everything that was before, one tends to get a bit uneasy. That uneasiness comes about from trying to hold on to what was instead of letting it go. If one is to survive in todays world, one must first accept the fact there is no going back, what was will never be again, and that is a good thing. What was did not work, the system was broken and the people were being abused by it. It’s time to think about doing things and living life from a new perspective, finding new ways to get around the obstacles and still get ahead.

I have to take my car into the dealer today because once again my stupid check engine light has come on. This is like the third time in weeks it’s happened and I told the guy I’m not coming in again. It has become such a disruption that it got me thinking. Just like every other major corporation in the world, the auto industry has also figured out a way to screw the people and make millions off of them. They took ordinary cars we all remember well and computerized them into oblivion so everyday people could no longer do their own car repairs. Personally it infuriates me to have a car that tells ME what to do. I don’t do well being told what to do by anyone let alone my car!

If I were lucky enough to be a millionaire I would love to build a car manufacturing company that built the old cars again, the simple ones that had an engine block, a battery, a fan and a radiator. PERIOD! I bet people would flock to buy such a car again as I know I am not the only sucker out here being taken to the cleaners by the system, in this case the auto industry. I have grown very weary of the negative control the system insists on holding over the people. There is no longer by the people, for the people, it’s only by the corporations for the corporations and of course the corrupt politicians who help promote the evil. Thank goodness people are waking up and are finally connecting those pesky little dots that ultimately lead to the truth! People are finally catching onto the fact they have been lied to and betrayed on a massive scale! Let the Nuremberg trials begin! Immediately!

It’s very clever how this over reach of our rights to live as we so desire snuck in upon us, constantly we were told how all the products the corporations were manufacturing was going to make life better, easier. Each new invention or product they created looked warm and fuzzy and came with a clever description of how important it was for us to have and how much easier life would be, but whatever was created was just one more link in the chain around our necks and it’s getting too heavy to pull around behind us anymore. We are stuck and unable to move forward. Do you think Creator wanted to see his people cowering under tyranny unable to evolve and become the best we can be? I don’t think so. The world has been hoodwinked into believing it is free but really we are not by any stretch of the imagination, not if you take your blinders off and take the time to really start looking deep into what is going on. Take time to connect those dots, you’ll be surprised by what you discover and it won’t be nice!

I am now in the last phase of my life’s journey, I’ve seen a lot, I have made it my job to know a lot as well. I find now that there is only one way to really live a meaningful life and that is to live SIMPLY! The more we complicate life with our supposed improvements the more difficult everything becomes in the end. Those complications may not show up right away, but show up they will! Give me back my simple automobile the guy next door can repair in his back yard, take back your wretched television that has brainwashed the minds of once intelligent people and they don’t even know it. Take back your evil smart phones that have hijacked people’s lives. Give me back fresh veggies growing in everybody’s back yards free of poison, give me back clean air to breathe free from Chemtrails and all the ungodly poisons in them. The list goes on and on and what it tells me is this: Simple is better. That is the way I’ll live my life anyway! Stay safe and stay well…

Blessings to all ❤


Happy Thanksgiving To All…

I wish you all a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving. I know times are tough and for many the awakening process is at times more than many wish to endure, but staying the course we must! There is much truth in that saying “It’s always darkest before the dawn”. Our reality we live in is created by each of us, it is our choice to dwell on the bad or search for the good. It’s always there! The world desperately needs to feel love and compassion and we can offer that merely by our thoughts and actions. Look for the good and when you find it illuminate it so others may see. Be kind, be respectful and be loving. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you and thank you for spending time here. You are greatly appreciated! I send you my love and much hope for peace.

Blessings to all ❤


Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…

Full Moon in Taurus with a partial but very potent Lunar eclipse is Friday, November 19, at 1:48 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

I am calling this moon the “shake up moon” as it will shake up whatever has settled at the bottom of the barrel of your emotions, patterns, belief systems, behaviors, attitudes, old wounds, regrets and judgments. The Pressure theme of the month comes to a head with building tensions and potentially explosive results. If there ever was a time to get your head out of the sand, tell the truth and be proactive about what needs to change by taking action, this is it. This is an intense, potent time that can either become a shit storm where everything feels like it is falling apart or a massive breakthrough and expansion into new levels of prosperity and improvement in your life.

Stubbornness is to be avoided and neutralized at all costs. It will only cause a potential major eruption that at best would be inconvenient and at worst feel like a personal disaster. The image is that of an internal earthquake disrupting whatever in your internal structure of how you live your life needs to change. You may not experience anything on the outside but an internal tension may fuel either a breakthrough or breakdown. This is an enormous opportunity to reset your havingness gauge for prosperity, bring more beauty into your life, end something with grace that really needs to be complete, and to re-prioritize what is important to you. 

If your life has become overly complicated, perhaps it is time to simplify. Focus on what is working and don’t throw a lot of energy on what isn’t. If you feed what is working well in your life, that aspect will grow and influence everything else. Take some time to focus on long term goals with the intention of raising the quality of all your experiences. This is a big one. Don’t waste it on petty thoughts, blame or judgments. Use it to take yourself to the next level even if it may not be comfortable. Really big change never is.


Thanks to our Veterans!!!

I personally wish to thank all the veterans who have given so much to keep our country safe and free. Maybe our Government won’t thank you, but I surely will. I hope with time we can get beyond the insanity that has overtaken this country and her people and we can come together in love and compassion and appreciate all that has been given to save America. There is only one America so lets make sure to protect it and honor it…..

Blessings and love to all ❤