New Moon Tomorrow…

This is a potent moon that delineates an ending of something old and the beginning of something new. It is important to identify for yourself what is ending and what you wish to energize and initiate that is new.

The dynamic quality of this new moon can also bring about restlessness, irritability and a sensitivity to what you believe is fair and just. Any thoughts or tendencies towards blame or injustice should be neutralized and your intentions moved towards a positive vision. Set boundaries against any pressure from others if you need to, and focus on discovering what is in your heart that needs nourishment.

It is a good day to practice gratitude and appreciation for what you have while spending time cleaning out “the basement” to make room for more beauty and improving the space you live in and your personal environment. If personal fears and doubts happen to surface, face them head on with the intention of reconnecting with your power and deep spiritual wisdom.