Cosmic Weather Report…

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax
Putney Mountain, Vermont

On the last day of October, Mars entered Scorpio, where it will remain throughout November, summoning the will of a worn-out species to gather at this crossroads of the ages and recruit all willing souls into love warriors who can turn the tide on corruption and greed. For a long time the will of humanity has been slumbering and our consciousness has been co-opted by forces that profit from misery.

This has reached a worldwide saturation point beyond any the world has seen for ages. However, because mass and social media have been taken over by corporate interests, the situation appears more impossible to remedy than it really is, obscuring the fact that millions of people are gathering to rise in protest. Politics makes strange bedfellows, and the central irony of our time is that growing unrest among the left and right is encouraging each to drop partisan accusations and awaken to the fact we’re equally being screwed to the detriment of all but the super-wealthy.

Mars in Scorpio galvanizes a gut-level response to outer madness with inner sanity. If you care more about truth than divisiveness, if you believe in love more than political parties, this is your chance to awaken the primal willpower within you to make a stand for the life you believe in rather than the one you got talked into. Scorpio counters programs of hate with the fierce love of a warrior who will no longer stand by while everything he or she believes in gets transgressed by the lip-service of millionaire politicians who couldn’t care less about the future of the planet.

Mars harnesses the indomitable will sleeping within human beings to rise up and speak out against the madness rather than cower in the shadows. When everything wrong out there catalyzes something very right within the depths of your soul, you join the great resistance of our time rising to overthrow the War on Truth being waged by all political parties, and step out of the madness of the matrix into the love of the soul.