Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse…

Full Moon in Taurus with a partial but very potent Lunar eclipse is Friday, November 19, at 1:48 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

I am calling this moon the “shake up moon” as it will shake up whatever has settled at the bottom of the barrel of your emotions, patterns, belief systems, behaviors, attitudes, old wounds, regrets and judgments. The Pressure theme of the month comes to a head with building tensions and potentially explosive results. If there ever was a time to get your head out of the sand, tell the truth and be proactive about what needs to change by taking action, this is it. This is an intense, potent time that can either become a shit storm where everything feels like it is falling apart or a massive breakthrough and expansion into new levels of prosperity and improvement in your life.

Stubbornness is to be avoided and neutralized at all costs. It will only cause a potential major eruption that at best would be inconvenient and at worst feel like a personal disaster. The image is that of an internal earthquake disrupting whatever in your internal structure of how you live your life needs to change. You may not experience anything on the outside but an internal tension may fuel either a breakthrough or breakdown. This is an enormous opportunity to reset your havingness gauge for prosperity, bring more beauty into your life, end something with grace that really needs to be complete, and to re-prioritize what is important to you. 

If your life has become overly complicated, perhaps it is time to simplify. Focus on what is working and don’t throw a lot of energy on what isn’t. If you feed what is working well in your life, that aspect will grow and influence everything else. Take some time to focus on long term goals with the intention of raising the quality of all your experiences. This is a big one. Don’t waste it on petty thoughts, blame or judgments. Use it to take yourself to the next level even if it may not be comfortable. Really big change never is.