Positive Intentions For The New Year…

Well now dear readers, it’s time to do some serious soul searching as we head into a new year for surely we do not wish to repeat our mistakes! How much sincere thought have we given to how we want the new year to unfold? The old world we had lived in is no longer intact, it has shattered into a millions razor sharp splinters and so we must tread carefully as we move forward. In other words in the new year it is time we paid attention to life each and every day instead of sleep walking through it. If we wish the world to be different it is we who must be different or the stagnant energy will remain the same. In order to change the world we must change ourselves. There are six life laws I choose to live by and honor completely to the best of my ability. Perhaps you can adopt them as well or make up your own. The important thing is to make them a strong part of your daily, moral fabric, of who you truly are, thereby helping in the end to make the world a better place by becoming a better person.

My Life Laws:

  1. Speak with honesty
  2. Think with sincerity
  3. Act with integrity
  4. Be loving in your heart
  5. Embrace an open mind
  6. Show kindness to all

Essentially what I’m saying in a generalized way is become a nice person. We have all seen and experienced enough hate to last a lifetime lately and that is NOT who we are deep inside. Adopting these life laws just takes staying aware of what you are doing and thinking at all times and that is something we are not accustomed to doing in the world of sleepwalkers, so practice! As Gandhi so wisely said ” BE the change you wish to see”. Let us all work hard to make the next year ahead a loving and productive one in every way. I wish a blessed new year for each of us. Stay strong and stay aware!

Blessings to all ❤


It’s Time To Emerge…

I was sitting by the window the other day watching the snow float down upon the world outside. It was silent as it made its decent quickly turning everything white and sparkly. I was thinking how magical the whole process is, everything suddenly changes from green to white. The longer I sat there thinking about it, I was reminded of the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, once a caterpillar, now a glorious butterfly. It seems like we as humans are past due to emerge from our cocoons of fear and rejoin the land of the living and stop this nonsense we are being held captive within. Here we are living out our lives in shuttered fear when we could be experiencing profound greatness all around us. We are wasting our time on “being afraid” and avoiding living life when there is no reason to be doing this.

It feels like the entirety of humanity has lost sight of what matters most in life. We have become butterflies trapped in our cocoons slowly dying without sustenance, not having the courage to emerge and discover what comes next. We are boring ourselves into oblivion, we have ceased being creative, we no longer strive for inspiration to excite our inner beings. We seem to have lost our desire to live life fully. We have allowed manufactured fear to steal our desire and we have settled into accepting having our lives ruined by the few who wish to dominate the world. I’ve been trying to figure out why some people become thoroughly brainwashed and yet others remain deeply connected to life and can see through the lies. I have yet to figure out why this is occurring. Partly I believe it is due to the fact most of those who are awake do not watch the lies and propaganda on television. I fear those in denial will have a very difficult time when the truth begins to emerge.

Ask yourself the last it was that you felt inspired and excited. For the majority of people I would imagine it has been a very long time. What is life without the thrill of being inspired and curious? Inspiration is vital to humanity if we wish to continue moving forward in our evolution. I wish people worried about what is happening to our way of life and what we are missing as much as they do about catching the flu. People have lost their minds and all sense of reality because of this so called pandemic. It is time to be brave butterflies and push ourselves out of our cocoons and into the magnificence of being alive! We ARE alive yet we are wasting this precious gift by allowing ourselves to be held hostage by manufactured fear and to forfeit living our lives fully. We are trapped in our worlds of small thinking when they could be grand!

This moment in time is the turning point on our journey. this is the moment we must decide if we will give up our lives or take a stand and fight back for our rights to live the way WE choose to live, not the way somebody else wishes us to live. People must wake up however, for if they remain lost in the programming we will not rise to the next level of becoming human. We will stop right here and get on our knees and comply to the will of others, not the will of our hearts and souls who know best what we need to do. I pray everyday that the light will shine brightly enough to erase the darkness and open our hearts and minds. How can we love one another if we are locked in our warped cocoon worlds of fear and hate? If everyone wishes to move forward then they must awaken because there is no space for hate or fear in the world we are moving towards. Please wake up, open your hearts and share your love with the world, without love the world will die and so shall we.

Happy New Year. Live deeply!

Much love ❤


Blessed Christmas To All….

I inspire each of you to set aside the ugliness of what is going on in the world right now and to open your hearts to what truly matters on this journey we call life. Share your love with those around you that it may quell the darkness, give the gift of a smile to someone who is down, reach out a hand that no one is left alone. These are the true gifts of Christmas and all through the year. This is who we sincerely are in the sacred core of our hearts. We are NOT the ugliness we see all around us. Turn away from that energy and help to share the warmth and light of love to a world in desperate need of caring. It costs nothing and it means so much. Bless you all and have a magical Christmas and hopefully a much better new year!

Much love to all ❤


Happy Solstice…

Solstice is Tuesday, December 21 at 8:58 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

The solstice marks the beginning of a new cycle and is more significant energetically than the beginning of the next calendar year. This Solstice is especially potent for honoring a time of great change. Be grateful for where you have been as you let go of old patterns. Be grateful for what you have, and be grateful for the opportunity to dream new intentions for the future.

This solstice comes with a theme of responsibility and taking your life, self care, service in the world, relationships, thoughts and actions more seriously. We are moving into a time of greater maturity in how we step forward into the unknown. This focus on responsibility will influence how you show up in the next days, weeks, and months.

Take some time to really reflect on the past with grace and gratitude, fully choosing what you need to complete and let go if. Some completions may be tangible physical ones and some may be internal emotional ones related to attitudes, beliefs or behaviors. It is powerful to ritualize letting go through a fire ceremony or other gesture of release. It is also a perfect time to anchor some intentions for this new cycle. Share them with others, write them down and charge them up with prayer, song and offerings.

Have a Wonderful Holiday!

The Power Path


I know I have mentioned this before on several occasions, but I just feel so strongly about its importance in our emerging world of illumination and grace, love and compassion, kindness and caring, honesty and integrity. I dream of this world often, it wraps its arms around your soul and it whispers “make it happen”. At the present moment everything in the world is upside down and inside out. It is abrasive as the world is vibrating at a very chaotic frequency and it is hard to remain calm and focus at times. We are drowning in lies as the truth is imprisoned and silenced.

I lie awake at night and try to think of how the heck we get ourselves out of the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. My curious mind can take journey’s of many hours in search of the answers, but in the end I always come back to the starting point. The world needs to phase out spoken language and move itself into Mental Telepathy. It is time to get beyond corruption and lies and deceit. It has destroyed the very fabric of our world, we are in tatters and we need to collect ourselves and focus on bypassing the old and creating the new! Part of that new world needs all of us to become active in training ourselves to master Mental Telepathy. We can do it! This will end the ability of humanity to lie which will end the corruption and allow integrity and honesty back where it belongs. Yes we need to create new ways of being going forward, but we must not leave behind our values and morals. Without them we have no foundation.

Just as important, we need to open our minds and expand our thinking way beyond where we have remained stuck and stale for far too long. This is not woo woo stuff, this is real and we can accomplish this feat if we work at it. It all depends on how strongly we desire to make the world a better place. It requires great change and with change comes angst and trepidation but there is no need for that. There will be discomfort for a while from losing the safety of familiarity, but as the world begins to regain its balance and sensibility, we will reap what we have sown and we will feel peace. Do you not long to extend your arms and breathe deeply and embrace becoming MORE? Our efforts will be greatly appreciated by all.

Blessings and love to all ❤