New Moon Upon Us…

New Moon in Pisces is Wednesday, March 2 at 10:34 AM Mountain Standard Time. (MST).

The field of opportunity opens with this auspicious moon bringing support, inspiration and a flow towards manifesting what you want without the obstacles you may have recently experienced.  The challenge is to be clear about what you want, how you want your life to unfold, and what it is you wish to manifest.  Don’t worry about the details and don’t overthink the process. What does your heart want? What do you feel is your next big step and bid for power?

Rely on your intuition rather than intellectual information and imagine your intentions from a place of creativity and dreaming more than what you have accepted as your reality. Set the seeds now that will determine how things manifest for you in the future. Without needing to know the details, how do you wish to feel yourself to be in a year, 3 years, 5 years? Stretch a little into an expanded desire that your small self does not think you can have or deserve to have.

The way to support your intentions once they are set is to spend some time in a higher vibration such as can be created by beauty, love, awe and gratitude. Stay away from negativity, martyrdom, cynicism and limited thoughts, both in yourself and in others. There is good window of time (March 2-6) to be focused on intentions and clearing any doubt, resistance or mistrust. Take the discipline of last month and put it into determination behind what you wish to manifest. Watch that you don’t manifest something out of fear or a negative projection. Watch what you ask for and be conscious about the asking.

We have a goal of growth this year and often we think of growth as being achieved through hardship, suffering and painful lessons. This is an opportunity to shift that perspective and intend for growth to be through positive, pleasurable, satisfying and fun experiences.



Open Hearts…


I am having a hard time explaining to the world around me where I’ve been for the past three weeks. I was immersed in the Canadian convoy adventure which came close to sucking all of my energy and sadly so many didn’t even know anything about it. I felt drained. Then I suddenly realized what was happening, I didn’t catch it right away. The energy shift showed itself as the momentum of the gathering increased. It was beyond mind altering, I could feel and see the powerful energy actually shift as the whole world watching had their hearts blown open and never will they be the same again. In milliseconds their hearts were connected with millions of other hearts and those moments sealed the deal forever. That monumental experience will never be forgotten, it will grow and intensify as we grow and awaken to what life really is all about. We not only opened our hearts, we grew up and accepted responsibility, we are ready to move forward.

I came to realize this freedom convoy was a catch phrase for the grand awakening of humanity. It was happening in real time in front of the world. We saw the evil of the police and Government towards the people, we saw brutality, we saw intimidation and we saw LOVE everywhere! The air was electric with the new frequency of love from finally allowing ourselves to become united. There was never fear only courage and passion. We were shown by Creator through that drama we experienced, the true power of caring for one another, letting go of the walls we have been trained to stay behind, and letting our fearful hearts open wide to one another. Those moments in time changed the whole world because everybody saw it and everybody felt it, it has created new frequencies we are now all adjusting to. The frequency of love is our new challenge to embrace. We have lived with a great deal of hate and division and fear for a long time now, becoming one with love is going to be quite the undertaking, a learning of letting go and of TRUST! Get a lot of rest and find ways to bring laughter and love into your life so that you keep the energy high.

I send blessings to those traveling in the Freedom Convoy to DC….May love hold it all together despite what transpires. This is our time to shine the light everybody! We all need each other to rebuild a new world that is heart centered and where Justice is respected and honesty is uplifting. We will build such a world if we stand together and support one another. This is not the time to sit and watch what is going on if we can possibly play a part in bringing forth the light! The world needs all of us! Pray for freedom!

Blessings to all and to the truckers ❤


Time To Let Go….


I have been closely monitoring the protest in Canada and what I see is both deeply disturbing and very sad to see. The police brutality is out of control and because of this sad fact, Canada is now a police state with cops on every corner and residents being asked for their identification. This is tragic. Canada is one of the safest and most friendly countries to go to and now you can’t even get in. Fences block off access to parts of the city of Ottawa guarded by heavy handed police so people can’t even walk around anymore. Thankfully there were THOUSANDS of people there and just about every one of them had their phone cameras on. Trudeau’s lies and the fake news lies and the Ottawa police lies all can not stand up to the truth. It was peaceful until the police moved in and ran over protesters with massive horses, spraying dancing, singing protesters with pepper spray and rubber bullets and smashed truck windows to drag out the truckers to arrest them. It was tragic to witness but I think it was God’s way of showing us the way forward. Despite what was done to these innocent protesters they always returned to the front lines to talk to the police and sing “We love you”.

If absolutely nothing else comes out of this protest, it has opened peoples hearts and drawn them together as brothers and sisters. It is showing us that in the end we have NOTHING without our love for one another! We are not separate or divided we are all ONE! What happens to you happens to me and we best come together and stand tall together if we are to ever win against this evil enveloping the world. The energy of togetherness and love was so strong amongst those thousands of people gathered to fight for their freedom which sadly has now been yanked away. The morning after pictures were tragic to see. Empty streets minus trucks, smiles and laughter. Empty depressing streets with cops on every corner now asking you where you are going, do you have ID, being told to turn around you can’t go down that street. This is the truth of what is going on captured by thousands of cell phones so the Government lies cannot save them from the disgust the world is feeling about what happened to that peaceful country.

Creator has shown us the ugliness in our world and there is only one way out of this mess. It is urgent for all of us to open our hearts and stop allowing ourselves to be divided by lies and propaganda. A picture is worth a thousand words! There is no way for the Canadian Government to get out of what they have done to their people. They are being brutalized mentally and physically and if you think this cannot happen here think again! The Canadians stopped listening to the fake news and began to see the light of truth and fought back. It was on display everywhere. Live streamers were held back by police from filming many times yet the main stream so called media was always BEHIND police barricades WITH the police. Once again a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s time to wake up and open our hearts and stand together as one! Do you value your freedom? Then it’s time to fight for it and stop believing what you have been told. We will be the next Canada soon if we fail to accept the truth of reality and take a stand.

Love yourselves! Love one another. Reach out to one another. Offer a hand up to one another. It will only be together as one that we will move forward and find strength! There is no room in the world for hate and evil and brutality and control. All of that needs to be wiped off the face of the earth. That is the OLD PARADIGM falling before our eyes. Do not give it energy with your thoughts. What was is no longer and our energy needs to be on creating what can be. Let what happened in Canada open your eyes and most importantly your HEART. This is our lesson to be learned so we can evolve our species and become the best that we can be.

Send your prayers to Ottawa that Justice will prevail and return that city to the loving state it always has been until the brutal take over by a dictator. Stand with the people and send them prayers. We may need them ourselves pretty soon. God bless us all.

Much love to all ❤


Full Moon Ahead….

Known as the snow moon, this full moon is much about balance between being and doing, between the masculine and the feminine, between being serious and disciplined and light and joyful. It is a good time to soften your focus and to allow more gifts to come into your field and to align yourself with your purpose and value in life. It is a creative and intuitive time where your prayers should be about what you wish to magnetize into your life. 

Optimism, gratitude, community and support are all themes around this full moon. Take some time to do some self care and to keep opening your heart to the love and support that is already there for you.


The Key To Peace Is Love…


I’ve spent a lot of time watching and witnessing the Truckers Convoy in Canada. One thing is for sure. Despite all of the media LIES, the love and unity is strong, not just with the people of Canada, but all around the world. The people have had enough of the elite tyranny and they want their freedom back, they want to see smiles on faces again, not ugly blue masks that are making everybody sick breathing in their own germs repeatedly. They don’t stop viral spread anyway. Duh! People simply want to BE again and they will not give up until they get what they want. The time of elite tyranny is over! The paradigm of LOVE and COMPASSION is here and it’s not going anywhere! Hug somebody, thank somebody, be kind to somebody and feed your heart and soul. This is what the REAL world is all about, not profits, not power, not greed and not control. That is the OLD paradigm and may it happily collapse and blow away in the wind. Make Your Valentines Day special by spending a few minutes with those who are alone, or sick or depressed. Everyone deserves to be LOVED!!!! Happy Valentines Day!

Much love and many hugs…. VK ❤ ❤ ❤