New Moon Ahead….

New Moon in Aries is Friday April 1 at 12:24 AM,  just after midnight March 31. In some time zones the New Moon is on March 31.

This is an extremely potent New Moon, full of fire, opportunity, and inspiration for starting something new. It marks the beginning of a new cycle and should be honored as the set up and foundation for new commitments, goals, confidence, clarity, change and attitude. We are called to action, to be better, to be more conscious and aligned with spirit. It’s a great time to revisit goals and intentions and either reset and confirm them as they are, or refine and improve them if they feel too limited.

A re-evaluation of your relationships especially your relationship to yourself and to spirit is also supported at this time. Are you doing the work? Are you committed to having a good life? Are you taking responsibility for it?  Are you ready to embrace the power that awaits you and change all aspects of your story that point to disempowerment or being wronged in some way? This is a very good time to step into power and to do so takes being proactive and not reactive.

You cannot be ambivalent or in blame of others if you wish to be proactive and take advantage of what this time has to offer. Step into the grand adventure of life and receive the gifts of spirit that are available to those that do. Happy Spring! Happy planting of seeds, dreams and wishes!


Full Moon Upon Us….

Full Moon in Virgo is Friday, March 18 at 1:17AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)

Known as the “worm moon”, this full moon is supporting us to clean up our act, organize our chaos, get clear on what we want, and eliminate what’s in the way. We have more energy, stamina, and inspiration to be responsible for ourselves and our environment in a new way. We may be shellshocked from recent events however the task is to look at how and what we can improve in our lives and for others. 

If things around you seem like they are falling apart, see this as an opportunity to invite something new and better to come through the gap. The theme is improvement. If you end up losing something, it will only open the space for something new to come in. If you end up in a transition or change, causing you discomfort, acknowledge it as an opportunity for personal growth.

Pay attention to the details of your life and really look at your environment so you can see clearly what you have, what needs to be cleaned out, fixed, changed, released, or modified. Just because something was useful and important to you 10 years ago may not mean it still is. Be truthful, have courage and keep poking your consciousness though the gaps left by what is coming apart so you can glimpse the potential on the other side.

Use your intuition, your imagination, and your creativity in a practical and focused way during this full moon. It will give you insights into what you need to do for your next step.



Time To Heal…

I have remained quiet for a while now as my mind was just exhausted from the never ending drama impacting our lives day after day with no relief. I have come to the conclusion that the world as a whole is suffering from PTSD in one form or another. This diagnosis isn’t just for the war weary coming back home. All stress takes its toll on our bodies and minds, especially if we don’t seek help in repairing ourselves. For many, they don’t even realize they are suffering the repercussions of trauma. Trauma doesn’t always have to be major as with war or death, it can be a build up of smaller issues that impact our lives and go unnoticed and consequently unhealed.

I can’t help but look back at the last two years of our lives and notice the devastating impact everything has had on people. The constant fear mongering by the media, pushing false ideas into peoples minds, forcing them into isolation and destroying their families, livelihoods and overall financial system. There are two schools of thought running wild in the world right now. Those that see what is going on and are seeking other ways to survive in this world of insanity and those still sleeping and believing everything they are told. These two worlds are finding it very difficult to co-exist unfortunately. So what do we do about this situation we find ourselves in?

I wish I had a clear answer to that question but I do not. I know personally I stay pretty much to myself and avoid confrontation with people I know cannot or will not try to understand where I am coming from. It seems like a waste of time at this point. If they are still sound asleep chances are they may well not wake up this lifetime. Perhaps the next time around they will grasp the true reality going on around them. You can’t fit a round peg into a square hole no matter how hard you pound on it so stop trying. It is what it is. Its a wise choice to seek out like minded thinkers and stay close in their vicinity. There are new ways of doing things popping up all around us but you need to stay observant and do your homework. I know I am always seeking new alternatives to things that no longer harmonize with my life. New ways to do banking, new healthcare options that free us from the old ways that are harming us, new ways to interact with the Internet, new alternatives to credit cards etc. An example now would be knowing Duck Duck Go is part of the old paradigm working against the people. Don’t use it anymore and instead try maybe Brave .

We have all taken a massive amount of abuse in one form or another and yes we’ve survived, but at what cost? Do we even really pay close enough attention to ourselves to see that we are suffering? I know I tend to be the kind of person who compartmentalizes everything. I suppose it’s good in some ways but it allows me to avoid dealing with immediate issues. It’s time we face the hard facts that humanity has been attacked, it’s injured, and it needs our love and compassion to heal again with time. We have been hounded with fear, lied to, shut out of life, pushed down through oppression and threatened continually. These are major events that humanity is going through and their effects on us don’t just go away. We have to first see and understand what is and has been done to us and then accept it and eventually find positive ways to deal with the trauma. Find the courage to reach out and ask for help because we all need help right now, we are not unique.

Please be kind to yourself. Focus on going forward not on what is behind you. We cannot fix what has already been done to us, we can only work on improving life from this point on going forward. Anger and revenge only perpetuate the old paradigm and keeps giving it fuel to keep going. Don’t do that! What is going to get us all through these rough times is placing our focus on alternative ways to rebuild our world, if the old way of doing something no longer works find new ways of doing the same thing! This is how we build the new world and it’s calling out to all of us loudly. Listen and pay attention, put down the smart phone and plug back into actually living life! We can and will heal ourselves, but not without our focus and intention. Welcome back!

Blessings and love ❤


Cosmic Weather Report…

The End of Everything That Never Worked Right in the First Place

By Soul Level Astrologer Mark Borax

Putney Mountain, Vermont

Stephanie Cousin

Things are getting very interesting on planet Earth right now, as a rare congregation of planets masses up in a relatively small portion of the sky, almost entirely in the three wintry signs Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, which are the wisdom signs. As humanity entangles itself in a huge mess of errors orchestrated by calculated misdirection, higher consciousness begins to break through here and there, more and more, as does lower consciousness. 

The great irony of this moment in world history is that things had to worsen before getting better because the way we were going was suicidal but only a few people knew it, the ones who either had their third eyes open and saw through the bullshit, and the ones who occupied the bottom layers of the social pyramid, and couldn’t help but see it.

Art by Sam Brown

Humanity is being offered a last chance to wake up and break out of self-destruction, ignorance and greed. Not everyone is going to take that break. Many are getting even more entrenched in the illusion, which is a hallmark of the last phase of decadent civilizations approaching their demise. The thing is, there’s always been a good streak hidden in our species, people who genuinely care about others and about doing the right thing, and that streak is getting more intensified even as the old world crumbles. The contrast is striking. Those of us who see through the mirage are being tested mightily every day to determine how to carry our truths, and there’s no greater truth than love.

If we love hard enough, stand strong, and combine forces with like-minded souls, we might pull off a miracle in the final reel of the movie entitled The End of Everything That Never Worked Right in the First Place.