Get A Grip…!

Greetings to all…

This will not be a long post, but I just wanted to stop by and make my feelings known. I am truly appalled at humanities behavior these days. The levels of anger electrifying the environment we live in is making life very disturbing. People suddenly turning on other people, fights erupting amongst each other, screaming and yelling and even murder. I mean really? This is where we are after so many years of trying to move forward and create a better world.? Very unsettling indeed. That just makes me want to go up to people and shake them and tell them to “Get a grip”. Tempers and emotions are out of control and are dangerously close to imploding. It’s like people aren’t even trying to hold things together anymore. I think for many people, especially now under so much duress from all sides, it’s easier just to get angry and let loose than to try to stay under control. That may relieve pent up stress in that moment, but the long term consequences are not favorable to calm solutions. Remember that old saying ” Nobody said life was easy?” It certainly is challenging, but as we battle our way forward we need to focus on staying calm and projecting calm to those around us. Cooler heads must prevail.

The world is in a death spiral and we are circling the drain. We have fallen so far off the path I think sometimes we are hopelessly lost, but we are not lost if and this is a big if, we disconnect from the drama and propaganda that is drowning the planet! Stop listening to the very people trying to destroy your world. World Government has become our enemy. If we wish freedom and peace then it is up to the free thinkers, the inspired ones, the blessed souls who can see and think outside the box and are not captive to the fantasy playing out. It’s why we are here at this time. The new earth cannot be birthed without our help. Staying silent and in fear just hoping things will change will never stop what is going on. We cannot stay silent at such a critical moment in our existence. To do so is to sign our death certificates. We are being called to action and we must go. There is no excuse not to. Stand tall, suck in a deep breath of courage, stay calm and go forward to help the fallen world around you. We have run out of time.

Blessings and love to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

New Moon Ahead…

New Moon in Gemini is Monday, May 30 at 5:30AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Change is the key work for this New Moon. This is a transformative time, uncomfortable, challenging, dramatic, intense and strangely inspiring. It will take some discipline to lighten up, bring in some much needed fun, humor and community time. Include some self care and personal comfort in the plan. 

We still cannot drop the ball on staying focused on positive intentions and doing what it takes to embrace necessary change by adjusting, resetting and staying seriously engaged in the process of transformation. You should always have the intention of being responsible around the next steps moving forward.

This is also a good time for a reality check on your life to see what is working, what isn’t, what is yours to deal with and what isn’t, and what can finally be released so you can move on. What can you reset? Think it though carefully, make a plan of action, and then do something that shows a commitment to the change. Spiritual discipline as well as appropriate action will be rewarded.



Have you noticed lately the ever present tussle between thinking and feeling going on or mind versus heart? It is one of the major changes taking place as we begin to move into the new world we are creating. Just like everything was about money and its power in the old world, so too was thinking over feeling. It was all about brains as to how important you were in life. That was part of the process we were all thrown into unaware of what was happening to us. Dehumanizing the people, stripping them of their feeling and intuitive awareness, disconnecting them from the very skills needed for them to survive independently and freely.

In the old world, how smart you were and how high up your career took you were what mattered most, brains and money. But now in this new world emerging it almost feels like thinking is being turned off. I wonder if in the end it is helping us to pull away from having to have brains in order to matter, encouraging us to search more carefully for what we are feeling within for our answers and who we truly are? The same goes for vocabulary. Just look at how words have been distorted to mean completely different things from what they originally meant. They’ve been twisted and bent in ways that seem crazy and disrespectful. Everything is upside down. Not having words to express our feelings would seem drastic and yet once again I have to wonder if this is happening intentionally as a way for creator to bring forth a higher form of communication, less abrasive and more gentle, such as telepathy perhaps? Are we ready for that yet? It would be a major change. It could also usher in a whole new world of honesty because knowing one another’s thoughts eliminates the ability to lie and be deceitful. Just my thoughts on a rainy gray day…

Blessings to all,


We Are The Answer…

Amazing times we are in. Exhausting for sure, but so exhilarating as well. We have been chosen to witness this changing of paradigms. How lucky we are. We must stop looking at what is wrong in the world and focus more on the good unfolding beneath the darkness. I can’t imagine how many souls lined up to try and get a ticket to earth for this journey we are on. Not everyone was able to be a part of this. So count your blessings and don’t wallow in your woes. We are headed into very choppy waters soon and we best be prepared to hold on tight and do our part in moving this transformation forward. Every one of us should play a part in this momentous change. It cannot succeed without each of us adding our ideas, support, our energy and willingness to open our hearts and minds to what can be. People are an integral part of the final solution and most importantly they must feel like they are!

As more toxic truth continues to seep out, we will have a major job to do. Helping others to see and eventually understand the truth is why we are here at this time. Let us join together as one and help to offer those in distress, calm and comfort. We can be stabilizing beacons of hope for all those lost and confused from having been lied to forever. Truth can be very hard to accept. I saw a quote recently but don’t know whose it was, that said it all: “It’s easier to fool the people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled!” Welcome to 2022.

I guess my point of this post is to say “It’s our time everyone!” We’ve waited and wondered for so long now when the shift would occur and now we are smack dab in the middle of it. Like any birthing it will be painful and trying, but we are strong and we are ready for what comes our way. Make a point to conserve your energy for when it is truly needed. Don’t waste it trying to awaken people who are sound asleep. It is not their time to awaken. Instead focus your energy on gathering together all those who ARE awake and make plans together as to how you will make it through this final battle. Stay as peaceful within as you can and spread that peace wherever you go! Only joy can crush fear so inspire happiness within all the sad and empty hearts around you. Fill them back up with love and all will be well.

Blessings and love to all ❤


Full Moon Upon Us!

Full Moon in Scorpio with a total Lunar Eclipse is Sunday, May 15 at 10:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

The Super Moon marks the bookend of this eclipse window that has brought powerful and unexpected change in endings, beginnings and transitions. Whatever you have set into motion over the last couple of weeks has tremendous momentum and will have far reaching effects. It is important to honor and acknowledge any endings and completions, whether they are initiated by you or not. It is also crucial to focus and place some attention on the space created for new beginnings by those completions. Stay out of any judgment or resentment or martyrdom if what has left your life was not of your doing. Instead, notice what is coming into your life and honor it as part of something new. If you only dwell on what you have lost, you will likely create the same thing for yourself, losing the opportunity to create something new, something that marks an improvement in your life. Be careful what you ask for during this powerful time and make sure it is from your heart and not a calculated thought process.

It is a good time to take action and to refine the intentions you have been working with since the new moon at the beginning of the month. This is a transformational time that can expose issues that need to be addressed, processed and changed. You can also be inspired to manage your obstacles in a new creative way. Be encouraged to think and problem-solve outside the box with a focus on improvement and innovation. Creative thinking will be rewarded with new solutions to old problems.

Whatever else happens, keep your energy light, your vibration as high as possible and your thoughts positive. Bring beauty into your life and fill yourself with inspiration and the intention to move forward in a positive way no matter what.