New Moon Approaching…

New Moon in Cancer is Tuesday, June 28 at 8:52 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This moon triggers our emotional connection to safety, home, family, tribe, community, security and comfort. It is a good time to let go of old resentments, wounds of the heart, disappointments and old expectations. Look around you and be in gratitude for all that you have, all the love in your life, all the support and all that you have accomplished including the growth of lessons learned.

It is important to nurture yourself, set good boundaries, and be around people and in environments that support and feed your soul. And, don’t forget about beauty, that important inspiring energy that will keep your vibration high and looking forward toward a positive future instead of looking back with regret. Do something creative for yourself today and take care of your personal needs no matter how eccentric they may seem to others.

A turning point today can be acknowledged by an intention for a new habit or practice that supports your health and emotional and physical well being in a better way.


Solstice Update…

Summer solstice, with sun glyph marking place to see sun setting over peak

Dear Friends,
The Solstice (Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) is Tuesday, June 21 at 3:12 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).
This is a powerful time that marks a transition, a new beginning, the release of the old, and a reset that supports a turning point. Honor something in your life that is ending and something new that marks a beginning. Focus on a completion, even a small one, that can symbolize a larger cycle of change. What is being released from the past? Honor a new beginning by making a change, even a small one, of something in your environment as a reflection of the larger picture. Bring in something new, try something new, and do something you have never done before. It is important to create some kind of ritual for yourself around this solstice by symbolizing an ending as well as a new beginning.



This is not a post really, more just like a quick question I have. Is anybody else as frustrated as I am that our children are being forced to grow up in a world where lies are normal and honesty is frowned upon, wrong is right and right is wrong and what is down is up and up is down? Well if you are I just have to ask “Where are we?” There are only crickets as the saying goes, silence when there should be outrage! There is grave damage being done to our children, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally on a gazillion different levels. Are we just going to continue to sit by and be a silent witness or are we going to put an end to the insanity once and for all? It’s time to stand up and be heard LOUDLY!.

Blessings and love ❤



I have always been vehemently opposed to chaining dogs to dog houses or locking them within wire cages. It just always disturbed my heart to see it. I mean if you own a dog why would you chain it to a house or lock it away in a cage outside and not share your life with it? It never made any sense to me plus I personally think it’s cruel.

Recently over the past two years of CV mania I have come to deeply appreciate the true meaning of ‘Freedom’. Upon thinking about chained dogs, caged zoo animals etc. I began to wonder what happens to their poor spirits when they were denied freedom, were held captive on humiliating heavy chains or behind wire cages purely for others pleasure, sometimes for all of their tortured lives. Watching the anger heating up in the world today as irate people begin demanding their rights to their freedom because it is being threatened, I have to wonder why these same people have accepted the abuse of chaining or caging animals against their will by looking the other way and it is abuse.

If we truly want our freedom so badly, perhaps we need to look at the bigger picture and fight for the freedom of animals first. After all, we are all one, where is our empathy and compassion for them? Maybe we should strive to see the value in letting animals live free before we start screaming and moaning for our own freedom. It is time for humans to open their hearts and minds and step outside their closed little bubbles of reality and view the bigger picture. Now is the time to work on ourselves in order to be able to envision and create a better world. Freedom should be for ALL should be at the top of the list!

Blessings and love to all ❤


Moving Forward…

Humanity is facing a major, life altering crisis right now. For every crisis we struggle through, we either choose to dig in our heels and refuse to move ourselves forward and change, or we finally reach a point where we are able to collectively see the opportunity for finding our way forward by embracing the lessons to be learned from the crisis at hand and growing from that experience. Humanity has been stagnating in the present crisis far too long now, we are not seeing the opportunities before us and therefore we are not growing our essence or expanding our consciousness.

This crisis we are facing today is being waged against the people through mass manipulation of the information we are being told. If all the people hear and see through the manipulation by the media are lies, then there is less chance they can level the playing field by balancing those lies with truths allowing them the ability to choose their beliefs and to stand up for them. This is the profound danger of the war of words we find ourselves in today, equally as dangerous as bombs and bullets. This war of words has been weaponized through the use of fear to keep the people frozen in place, unable to search for the truth. If we are not privy to the truth of the world around us, how can we stand up for what we believe in because what is it we truly believe in, the lies we are told or the truth being buried and hidden from us?

It is time for humanity to stop taking the easy way out by continuing to only believe what it is told and being compliant in doing what we are told to do. Society has become lazy and has stopped thinking for itself, it rarely questions anything or makes the effort to deep dive search for the truth. If we wish to survive as a species, it is time to find the inner courage to admit to ourselves we have been massively betrayed on every level. Betrayal is a hideous emotion to have to wrestle with, it devours us from the inside out leaving the world deeply injured and all trust shattered. How can we possibly claw our way back from such a demoralizing crisis?

We can and we must stand up together as a collective society to repair the damage that has been done. It will require each of us to have the courage to face the betrayal and lies that have nearly destroyed our lives, and accept what has happened! One of the hardest things for man to do is admit he was wrong, but that is exactly what we must do. There is no easy way out of the predicament we find ourselves in. We were lied to, we were massively betrayed by the very people we put into office to be our so called leaders. That is a very bitter and hard pill to swallow, but swallow we must. The sooner we do the sooner we can move forward and begin creating the new world before us. Unless we can accept what has happened to us we can never learn our lessons that will hopefully keep us safe from allowing this crisis to ever ruin our lives again! It is time to gather our strength and courage to face the TRUTH of the world, not wallow in the lies. We can do this! Onward we go!

Blessings and love to all ❤