I was outside earlier scrubbing out the bird bath so I could refill it with fresh water. While I was out there the Purple Finches were flitting about overhead playing and pretending to rough house with one another. I call them the Bully Boys because they stay together like a gang only they are having fun and bringing joy to life! I stood there a few moments and talked to them then they swooped down as if to say hello and flew off into the Blue Spruce tree in which they live. They sat there and chattered away to me and to one another, probably urging me to hurry up.

So I got the bird bath refilled and told the Bully Boys they could come drink now and I went inside. When I looked out the window a few minutes later, the Bully Boys were all goofing off around the bird bath. I was glad to see them enjoying themselves. I decided I should look up Purple Finch medicine to see what messages they were delivering to me. So I went online and looked them up. What positive energy they bring! They also symbolize freedom! Yay Finches! But all that aside they had an important message I felt, not only for me, but for everybody struggling to get through this transition we are undergoing. Their important message I feel we all need to remember right now: To balance all of the evil going on around us with LOVE! We must remember to play like the finches, allow ourselves to be free of the restrictions we are being held under or we put ourselves under and be and do what our hearts tell us to do. To have fun amidst the peril going on and to live free.

I cannot imagine living life not following the signs we are given everyday if we just make it a practice to watch out for them. To learn how to stay aware of our surroundings. This connection helps to return us to nature and the calm she offers us all, and that is something we could all use! Balance in everything is so important for us to pay attention to and not get sucked down into the mire of the false reality playing out right now. Be the Purple Finch and find ways to enjoy life and balance it with love and togetherness!

Blessings and love to all ❤


Cat Lessons…

The temperature soared to 93 yesterday! My sweet and beloved kitty Maymay looked like a pancake on my bedroom carpet, like she was run over by a steam roller. She was laying in front of the oscillating fan trying to get cool. I looked at her a moment while she slept and thought “Yuk!” Who would want to sleep on a wool carpet on such a humid hot day?” So me being attentive, off I went to get a cotton sheet to lay on top of the carpet so she could be cooler. NO! She wanted nothing to do with it and went back to the hot carpet to sleep. Lesson one: Leave well enough alone!

So she went back to sleeping and I went back to reading my book. As I was trying to read, a thought, an observation, came screaming into my head snatching up my attention. I suddenly thought “Why don’t I put as much energy into taking care of myself and my needs like I do Maymay’s? I always try to make her happy but how often do I think to make myself happy and tended?” So lesson two is a biggie in learning to pay attention to my life and tend to it with love. Lesson Two: I MATTER!!!

Blessings and love ❤


Looking For Answers…

Okay. I know people think I’m crazy for trying to make sense of everything going on in the world right now. It isn’t possible I don’t believe, yet I still am hungry to find the answers and the truth. The main question I keep struggling over is why do so many people ignore their own common sense and logic and just believe what they are told? I’m sure it has to do with the fear mongering and propaganda being spewed out into the universe, but wait a minute! I still have my common sense and logic. How come I didn’t get swept up into the cascade of evil?

I think part of the reason is I have been awake to the truth for quite a long time now so I went into the fear porn pandemic with eyes wide open. Still. It baffles me. Then I thought okay why am I different from so many others? Well one reason is I have never had a Smart phone/cell phone so I wasn’t captured into that massive distraction and sadly addiction so many are held hostage by. I was lucky there I guess. So I asked my next question to myself. Why would not having a Smart phone make a difference?

Therein lies the answer I believe. Smart phones disconnect you from your inner voice that speaks to us and keeps us aware of danger. Smart phones have stolen peoples connections to that voice because they are too distracted to pay attention! People don’t even know themselves any longer it seems and because of this they are losing their abilities to sense and logic and so they just blindly follow the people in front of them regardless of where they are going.

If we are ever going to reconnect with ourselves and recreate a better world for ourselves, the first step should be to ditch the Smart phones asap! They are luring innocent minds into dangerous areas like AI and false realities. Kids think it is cool to be in the Metaverse and why not. They can escape the evil all around them and reside in a fake reality where there is no evil. Unfortunately because people have lost critical reasoning skills they can’t see the dangers of where they are being led to follow. It’s a very scary time to be alive, not because of some big bad sensationalized war or drama supposedly threatening us, but because of the innocent people all around us who are totally lost and no longer have that ability to reason or see logic. That scares the hell out of me! It’s time to wake up!

Blessings and much love ❤


I Don’t Want To Forget….

As the current evil trend in the world is being pushed towards Transhumanism and AI, all of my senses which I dearly rely upon, are screaming at me that we are going in the wrong direction! We are drowning in the 24/7 programming of such evil through movies, books, social media, TV programming, school curriculums, advertisements etc. There seems no way of escaping it, it feels very claustrophobic to one who thrives on freedom. Thinking about the dire situation we seem to find ourselves in, I decided to disconnect from that reality and make a concerted effort to remember what matters most to me and to keep on remembering, what brings me joy, what ignites my soul, what brings me calm in the middle of the storm. Here is just a part of my list that I keep close by me and pull out when the insanity becomes overwhelming.

What matters most:

The smell of wet earth and sunshine after a rain shower while walking in the forest.

The sound of a bubbling brook that tumbles by me beneath the shady tree cover.

The awe of creating a child and watching it proudly grow into it’s own person.

The deep gratitude felt when you are recognized and appreciated for who you are.

The moments spent sharing life experiences with a close friend.

The sounds of bird song floating in my open windows on a sunny summer day.

The quiet, steady drumming of a gentle rain on the roof.

The joy of offering love to others and receiving love back in return.

The deep fulfillment that comes from helping others and making a difference in the world.

The peace and love our devoted 4 legged companions bring to our lives.

The beauty and enjoyment of an evening sunset or an early morning sunrise.

The pride that fills our being when we live an honest life.

The thrill of the challenge when we live up to our morals faithfully.

Grasping at long last the true importance of living life for the good of ALL not just the few.

Knowing and understanding and appreciating the true meaning of FREEDOM!

Write up your own list and keep it close by so you NEVER forget what it means to be free to live your life as you so choose!

Blessings and love to all ❤