Looking For Answers…

Okay. I know people think I’m crazy for trying to make sense of everything going on in the world right now. It isn’t possible I don’t believe, yet I still am hungry to find the answers and the truth. The main question I keep struggling over is why do so many people ignore their own common sense and logic and just believe what they are told? I’m sure it has to do with the fear mongering and propaganda being spewed out into the universe, but wait a minute! I still have my common sense and logic. How come I didn’t get swept up into the cascade of evil?

I think part of the reason is I have been awake to the truth for quite a long time now so I went into the fear porn pandemic with eyes wide open. Still. It baffles me. Then I thought okay why am I different from so many others? Well one reason is I have never had a Smart phone/cell phone so I wasn’t captured into that massive distraction and sadly addiction so many are held hostage by. I was lucky there I guess. So I asked my next question to myself. Why would not having a Smart phone make a difference?

Therein lies the answer I believe. Smart phones disconnect you from your inner voice that speaks to us and keeps us aware of danger. Smart phones have stolen peoples connections to that voice because they are too distracted to pay attention! People don’t even know themselves any longer it seems and because of this they are losing their abilities to sense and logic and so they just blindly follow the people in front of them regardless of where they are going.

If we are ever going to reconnect with ourselves and recreate a better world for ourselves, the first step should be to ditch the Smart phones asap! They are luring innocent minds into dangerous areas like AI and false realities. Kids think it is cool to be in the Metaverse and why not. They can escape the evil all around them and reside in a fake reality where there is no evil. Unfortunately because people have lost critical reasoning skills they can’t see the dangers of where they are being led to follow. It’s a very scary time to be alive, not because of some big bad sensationalized war or drama supposedly threatening us, but because of the innocent people all around us who are totally lost and no longer have that ability to reason or see logic. That scares the hell out of me! It’s time to wake up!

Blessings and much love ❤


9 thoughts on “Looking For Answers…

  1. I know exactly what you mean VK… They really are a distraction, and addictive…. I can take or leave mine, I do however now have the WordPress App on the phone which when I remember to open Lol.. is a useful tool to have…
    But having watched how my granddaughter is Hooked into it most of the time… NOT GOOD in my opinion… But then I am only one opinionated gran lol…
    Technology is here to stay… How we use and utilize all things in moderation and with integrity is the key I feel to all things..
    They can either be used towards good, or towards bad…
    Sadly we see many being brainwashed by these devices and the msm and yes I too question, Where has common sense gone??

    Sending love and Hugs dear VK…. Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one.. ❤


  2. Hehehe! 🤣
    I chuckle, VK, because not only have I read your post on my mobilius phoneus, I’m replying to you on it as well, but could see exactly where you are coming from!
    Very often you will see a group of people out with each other, but using their phones to be in touch with others they aren’t out with. It’s quite comical really.
    I’ve never liked the sound of the metaverse however… although years ago I think I set myself up in there with an avatar in Second Life… I’m probably still standing overlooking a sea view, which is where I left myself the last time I was there. Mind you, I still think driverless cars are a bad idea, and they’re taking off now… and the attempt to recreate the big bang makes me frown… and AI isn’t really all that good, I still struggle to get a result with a Google search thanks to its algorithm. I have an art package which uses AI to alter my artwork – it never turns out how I want it.
    They are all steps forward to stop us thinking for ourselves, aren’t they? (Well, apart from the big bang, but if that goes off it’ll be quite a while before any of us start to think for ourselves again!)
    It’s a fun world, isn’t it? We have to make of it what we can!
    Apologies for the long comment again! 🙂

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    • I guess what one has to ask oneself seriously is in reference to your next to last sentence. What are WE doing to make things better? Are we even trying or just doing that eternal “wait to be saved” thing we do so well? How can so many people be helpful if they are clueless to what is going on? That’s the real question I guess. We can’t fix anything if we remain clueless to the reality unfolding all around us. Go bury the Dumb phone in the Grinds somewhere and join the real world TL…It’s not so bad ya know! 🙂 VK

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