Internal Inquiry…

Sometimes we just have to be alone and let the aloneness embrace us and not fear it, for it is in those quiet moments when we make that magical connection to what is going on within us. Now is the time for humanity to come together and realize it is time to really wake up. Not just to the truth of what is happening, but to also understand how vital it is for everyone to put down the smart phones, get off the social media chat sites , turn off the propaganda TV and reconnect with who you are and what truly matters to you in life. How do we really see the world around us? How open minded or perhaps closed minded are we? Truthfully. What are our deepest morals and beliefs we want to live by? Are we living up to them? Society must come to know and understand itself if we are to expand ourselves outward into the waiting universe. The world is depending upon us to finally have the courage to see we have been led astray, accept it and now we must move forward TOGETHER. We have outgrown ourselves as we are now, our shells are no longer large enough for us to live in.

I was recently reading a book and a sentence popped out at me. It said: ” My life seems defined by who I am not”. I had to stop reading and ask myself how I would define my life. We must always be willing to question ourselves. It feels like our world is sadly disconnected from self/soul in many ways. That disconnection it would seem is what creates our emptiness within. We cram our empty hours with social media, texting, watching tv, drinking/drugging etc. Escape routes away from ourselves. This deep connection one should have with themselves is exactly what they do not want us to have. Claim it…Embrace it and DO NOT let them take it away again. It’s who we are! We must stop allowing ourselves to be distracted by technology and the constant lies it is feeding us. We need truth to ground ourselves so that our morals and beliefs may grow strong. We need to know who we are and we will never do that if we remain distracted!

We are like the frog in the boiling water. Are we going to boil to death or are we going to jump out of the pot of water? We are at that critical point where we either live or die. Many don’t realize it because they are distracted, but I pray enough of us are awake to fight to save our existence. Will we value how precious life is at long last or will we continue to bury our heads in our smart phones?

Blessings and love to all ❤


Full Moon Upon Us…

Full Moon in Aquarius is Thursday, August 11 at 7:35PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).
Also known as the Sturgeon moon, this is the final super moon of the year. This big energy can help you to honor a bid for power with gratitude for what is fueling your new steps forward. That fuel is made up of all the lessons you have learned, the choices you have made, and all that you have accomplished and experienced in your life. The gratitude is for the abundance you have manifested in all areas. Take this gratitude and use it to feed your courage and determination. Be as practical as you can with your choices and decisions moving forward and consider others as you plan ahead. This moon is relationship-oriented so stay out of conflict and move towards supportive, cooperative companionship instead. It is always a good idea to spend time in nature and contemplation in order to connect deeply with yourself and your true intentions.


Hot Words…

Where I live, we just finished 6 days of temperatures in the 90’s and very high humidity. The combination has been absolutely brutal. I had moments of wondering if I would make it. No AC! I found myself dragging around aimlessly and I kept catching myself saying over and over again ” I can’t take this anymore! I can’t deal with this!” Always I kept hearing the words “I Can’t”. I sat quietly today and finally enjoyed a breeze that came out of nowhere, a gift. I asked myself ” What lesson am I suppose to learn from these six days of suffocating heat?”

This miserable situation taught me the importance of the words I utter, often quite carelessly. Words have immense power and so the words we choose to tell ourselves are critical in shaping who we are. If one tells themselves enough times they can’t do something, then before too long they sadly believe they can’t do it and their new life story is created to live by.

It just takes staying present enough to watch yourself in action to make change. So often we don’t do that because we are plugged into autopilot. If we can change our vocabulary we can change our lives. Change negative words into positive words enough times and now you create yet ANOTHER new life story. Hopefully a more loving and compassionate one. I choose to practice staying in the moment and observe myself and my actions and what I say so I can change my life! For me I have chosen to eliminate the word can’t from my vocabulary and that is just the beginning. Let the observations begin! It’s a good time to be alive!

P.S. It is pouring rain outside right now and the air temperature has dropped considerably. Yay!

Blessings and love ❤


More Lessons?

Oh my goodness. The lessons just keep coming at me so fast these days, then again, everything it seems is happening fast these days. Time has definitely picked up speed. It really is fascinating to watch oneself in action. So often we are just plugged into auto pilot and aren’t even aware of what we are doing or saying. If we slow down and make time to observe our actions, we can learn a lot!

We are due rain today and thunder storms. I went to shut one of my skylights to get ready and it was stuck in place! It wouldn’t go up or down. OMG! My first reaction was utter horror. I watched myself scream and yell chanting “I can’t take it anymore. I can’t do this. I just can’t.” The tears never came which was curious but the anxiety sure did. I could feel my anxiety levels ramping up and my neck muscles stiffen. What am I going to do? I don’t know who to call to fix this before the rain comes.

Well the long and short of that drama tale is the skylight is fixed and closed so let the rain begin. My neighbor came by and went up on the roof and it was an easy fix and viola! It was done. Yes the immediate trauma has ended but there is more to this story. Lessons to be learned. Why do I freak out so intensely and go automatically to what could go wrong? All the worst case scenarios. By doing that my anxiety just gets magnified and the stress is just so damaging and the panic feels so awful.

I am glad I watched myself throughout that whole movie that played out. I needed to see my reactions in order to know what to fix within myself. Observing self is so important and something humanity seems to have forgotten about. Here I am at 75 still breathing and living so I must be doing something right with my life. I need to remember the fact I always DO get things handled correctly so why freak out? That whole phase I need to learn to bypass. I mean what did I gain by throwing that tantrum of panic? If I had stayed with knowing I always get things worked out and spent those anxious moments figuring out how to deal with the problem, that whole drama could have been avoided! Lesson learned.

Blessings and love to all ❤