It’s been raining off and on for days now. To make it worse I live near the top of a mountain and we have remained encapsulated in a dense cloud of fog and the chill of Autumn has begun to settle in. It gets a bit depressing at times, then again look at the state of the whole world right now! That is depressing!

As the rain poured down and my spirits hit an all time low, I heard that irritating, niggling voice in my head telling me I was lazy and useless. I almost fell for the attempt to hijack my mood, but I didn’t. I stopped and asked myself if either of those two assessments of myself were truly valid. No they were not!

After sitting with these thoughts for a while I realized that I am in survival mode. Being wide awake to what is going on around me in the world is exhausting, ask anyone who is fully awake and they will agree. Carrying the weight of truth on ones shoulders today is mind numbing because it is all so unbelievable. You think what is happening can’t really be happening but it is! It is frustrating, infuriating and at times terrifying. Like it or not, this is why I am here on earth, to guard the truth so it can be carried into the light!

So why did that pesky, niggling voice keep trying to convince me that I am lazy and useless? To throw me off my game, that’s why. Monday I returned from the library with ten new books to read which I will consume in no time. Reading has become my survival mode. We all have one. For me it’s reading for now. I am like a chain smoker, when I finish a book a new one is immediately started. In reality I can’t escape the horrors of what is happening to our country, to my life and to the whole world for that matter. I am not lazy nor am I useless, I am merely trying to survive being caught up in a devastating nightmare unfolding before me. I choose instead to praise myself for having the insight to find a way to survive rather than falling victim and really becoming useless!

So I don’t write often on my blog these days and I am sorry for that. I apologize, but I must do what I can to keep on going and to help the truth survive. We are extremely close to the end of this war of good vs evil, thank goodness. There are times I honestly wonder how much more I can take, but I must. This is why I am here, so I will work with whatever ways I discover to survive this outrageous assault on humanity. For now my comfort and survival lie in a stack of unread library books and I thank God for them everyday. I ask that you please have patience with my absence, I have NOT forgotten you! I shall return.

Blessings and love ❤



13 thoughts on “Survival…

    • Thanks Eugie….Yes the colors of Autumn are inspiring as the temperatures dip and winter waits in the wings to be let inside. I shall take care and you do so as well. Rough ride ahead but we can see the light brightly shining at the end. All is well and may the great awakening begin in earnest!!!!! VK ❤


  1. Dear lady, do you. It is by loving yourself that you become something more beautiful. And that is what you give out. And those gaps between posts? They make me appreciate you more for those absences. So read on V.K., it enlivens the soul as you absorb the truth…and that too you give out abundantly 😀❤️🙏🏽

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    • Thank you Mark….Kind words. It’s been an amazing journey and I am so blessed to have been awake so I could experience fully all of the amazing things unfolding! How wonderful we all have our blogger family to walk through the tunnel with. How lucky we are! I hope all is well and spring is close at hand for you…Thanks! VK ❤

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      • It has arrived VK, we are in the first month of spring and the temps have already touched 27C here on the coast and brought us to life again. I even had my first big road drive in 5 years I’m feeling that good. It takes quite a while for that change within but it gives an appreciation because of it. Keep the books coming, I found that they help immensely in raising our awareness and also some good stories among them. It is good to relax into and really enjoy a good story. Breathe and relax into those changes my friend, and we are all here among this blog world to share the joy of those changes 😀❤️🙏🏽

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  2. I fully understand where you are at VK… loved what Tom said… and yes, for those of us who have been awake for what seems like a life time… We are nearing the End Game I feel of a major shifting point..
    Which I hope will awaken yet more to themselves and the world..
    We have been preparing for these shifts, for years, doing our own clearance of debris, doing our own inner work.. Now we are going to begin to see a different kind of clearing as our Earth and Old Programs ingrained within us are dissolving. This will bring about more exposure to what has been kept hidden which many will find distressing.
    You are doing what you intuitively need to do VK in that self preservation mode of survival .. You have been reading, for me its my allotment plot and gathering in the harvests. Doing my crafts and finding the peace in the moment… While being fully aware but ‘observing from our Eagles Perch’ as Pam Gregory often says.
    Seeing how lucky we are to have got our insight and inner guidance, while others we know are going to struggle as things get to a crescendo ..

    So keep doing what you are doing VK. Buckle up…. for we are going to see things ramping up very soon in my opinion..
    MUCH LOVE dear friend…. Sending HUGS across the miles VK..
    Love DW….. ❤

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    • Ah DW….Yes we will be seeing the final act very soon! Rough waters ahead but we have made sure our boats are sealed and ready to float! It’s kind of exciting to think what we have waited for for so long is now upon us! We shall ride out the storm and be ready to set up the new world! Thanks as always for your thoughts and take care! Happy harvesting and my best to Bernard and of course Biscuit!!!! Hugs and love to you…VK ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. No worries from me, VK… I’m on a break all of my own right now, although I do pop in to comment here and there every now and again!
    Enjoy your me time; your reading time!
    I’ve had a fabulous few weeks of self-discovery, my mind is becoming more focused on what I want, my body and soul are changing, and I think my surrounding world is adapting also. I’m not looking at anything larger at present, but I’m really working on myself, and do you know what? I Feel Good!
    Imagine each of your raindrops as a sprinkle of inspiration, or a small quick burst of positivity, and know that they are helping to cleanse the world!
    Have fun, VK! 🙂

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    • Glad to hear things are good for you. It’s been quite the time of going within and searching for meaningful priorities in life…We needed this time to do that. It too can be quite challenging as most of people are not used to going within. We have been taught NOT to go within but look for what we need OUTSIDE! Sad but we are changing thank God….Enjoy your me time also and so happy you are discovering good things 🙂 Take care TL and keep those mansion fires burning! Thanks! VK

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