Thoughts Matter!

When was the last time you sat quietly somewhere and thought seriously about everything going on around you and more importantly, what kind of world do you wish to live in? Whatever world we slip into next will be the world we all choose with our thoughts and desires. If we wish a happier, safer, more honest and compassionate world, we need to stop always thinking about what is wrong in the world and spend more time thinking about the world we wish to create!

I know which kind of world I choose to live in. Perhaps you’ll put down your smart phone and give some of your free time to imagining the world you wish to inhabit and if we all do this, the sooner we can move forward and create it! If we can create war, we can create peace! If we can create hatred we can create love.

My quick choices for a new world:

  1. A society of people coming together as a whole and sharing compassionate living ( Love)
  2. A society centered around honesty and gratitude and awareness
  3. Inspirational leaders with integrity and strong morals who honestly CARE
  4. A society with open minded and open hearted thinkers with critical thinking skills
  5. A society of people who are Givers not Takers, a planet that shares life experiences together not separately
  6. A society of people who desire a simplistic and more meaningful lifestyle
  7. A society that has respect for one another, that HONORS and loves their children not abuses them
  8. A society with less intrusive and abusive technology who chooses technology geared towards helping humanity evolve to a higher consciousness level
  9. A society of human beings with authentic feelings and ideas, not robots,
  10. The FREEDOM to be whomever we choose to be!
  11. Last but certainly not least, a society that no longer worships Money but values their existence in this lifetime instead

I hope you take some time and visualize the world you wish to live in and do this often. The more we envision a better world the more power we gain to create it!

Blessings and love to all ā¤



14 thoughts on “Thoughts Matter!

  1. It is so, so, important VK to keep these thoughts going as we envision our future world in our NOW moments.. People often do not understand that it is in our NOW of moments, that what we think, as we focus our intention onto, it is those intentions which we project out into the Universe, and the Universe then begins to bring them into being..

    I will add to your list VK in that we use technology and energy in ways which are beneficial to humanity, such as healing frequencies, which help heal, not subjugate.
    And that we rediscover lost knowledge of harnessing the Earths own energy to bring free energy to all..

    I Envision happy smiling children, learning how to live in harmony and respecting nature, as natural sources are retaught.

    I agree with all you have said here dear VK… I am especially connecting back to nature and envisioning all the above you have said VK on the equinox this month.. such an important timeline..
    Sending Love and Blessings
    love and well wishes my friend… ā¤ šŸ’ššŸ™šŸ’–āœØšŸ˜˜

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    • Thank you DW….I so agree with your addition to the list. Free Energy’s time has come as has our freedom. It will be amazing to walk about our towns and cities and have the faces we meet all smiling and kind and Caring…I’ve gotten so used to angry people, aggressive people, mean people, violent people etc. it would be such a wonderful change to live with joyous people…I know we can do this, the universe is counting on humanity to turn this ship around and head off into the calm seas of sunrises and sunsets….Hugs to you DW and hold the light where you are…Much Love…VK ā¤

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  2. I very often sit and ponder about a positive future, VK. I recently joined a spiritual group, who wanted to discuss the history of spirituality and our understanding of it in order to look for a better way to help the planet and improve the future. The discussion was interesting and the topics varied, but the number of people in attendance was low. Hopefully, the group will continue, but even in those small numbers the positive thoughts are being transmitted out into the universe. Individually we can make a positive impact to our immediate surroundings just by using the right thoughts, and the more who think that way will help to improve things on a larger scale.
    We just need to think bigger and better and cast aside any doubt that such a future is possible… because not only is it possible, it is really only a thought away! šŸ˜€

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    • Your last sentence said it best! Our biggest enemy is doubt but after all of the massive betrayal we have been subjected to it’s hard to believe wholeheartedly now…This is where our work comes in, to clear ourselves of that betrayal so we can move forward. Hard to do because we humans want to see Justice but maybe that justice has to reside within us? We’ll get there somehow TL…It’s been a long and wild ride and people are tired. Nature is the answer! It always replaces our burnt out energy and never asks for thanks….Happy weekend. VK

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