December Forecast…

It sounds like it’s time to awaken and get inspired and start taking things into our own hands! Nobody is coming to save us except ourselves so enough sitting on our butts doing nothing….Get inspired, better yet be inspiring! Here is the article. Enjoy!



If one is inclined to search out the truth and think for themselves, be prepared to fall down a gazillion rabbit tunnels, each one going deeper than the one before. The world as we know it has never truly existed except in our minds from stories we’ve been told by the traitors who have hidden the truth from us forever. Slowly the truth has been emerging out of the dark recesses of the swamp, small eruptions at first, but now picking up speed. With Twitter now allowing the truth I think we will find it making its way over to Telegram and other sites as well. The truth has a power all of its own, it cannot be diminished. It cannot be destroyed. Hidden? Yes! But never gone for good! Our mission is to bring forth the truth to the world so we can push the restart button on comatose brains and reactivate the vital act of critical thinking to a deeply programmed society. We first need to KNOW and understand who we REALLY are, not who we are told we are, if we wish to evolve.

This is a time of great unease as the truth bubbles out and those guilty of crimes against humanity grow more desperate to silence the truth. Keep pushing back through non compliance, push back by helping to reveal the truth, please stop listening to the propaganda media and think for yourselves! Let your love shine brightly so that others can find their way through the dark. If we wish to save this world we call home we need to stand up TOGETHER and start taking back what belongs to us. Our right to be free, to grow and evolve so we can become higher versions of ourselves. Keep the faith and stand up for your truth. Let your voice be heard! We are all needed to move the world forward. Share your gift with others to help the world’s trauma heal.

Blessings and much love to all ❤



Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Well, we had our ridiculous mid term elections and now everybody is moping around and angry at the outcome. Really? Please tell me how we were going to have a fair election if nothing was ever done to fix the fraud in the last election? Nope. We are still doing the same insane things and expecting different outcomes. It is way past time to wake up people!

The Internet is filled with posts of ‘Hopium’ and people chose to grab onto it and sit back and wait for the white night savior to come riding in. It is NOT happening! It feels like people will go to any lengths to avoid having to become involved in saving the world. Let somebody else do it! What they don’t seem to understand is there is nobody else! All this wasted energy on telling people to vote late in the day. Really? How the heck is that going to change a damn thing if the machines are still rigged, mail in ballots are dropped into boxes by the thousands and we allow machines to count votes not human hands?

What happened on Tuesday was as much our fault as anybody else, but we have not yet been able to set our egos aside and admit our failure to make a change. I worry about humanity as I see the insanity it now finds itself drowning in, people clinging to false beliefs stuffed into their heads by propaganda media 24/7. I did not vote on Tuesday. I wrestled all day as to whether I would go or not and finally I said no. I found a wonderful strength standing in my own truth and following my heart. I realized I had to break free and pull both feet out of the broken system and take a stand if anything was ever going to change in me. I was not alone, many people I know did not waste time, energy and gas to go vote on machines that are rigged. I hope others out there wake up SOON and figure out it is THEY who will change the world, not somebody else supposedly waiting in the wings.

Blessings and love… ❤


Full Moon & Eclipse…

Full Moon in Taurus with a total lunar eclipse is Tuesday, November 8 at 4:02 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

This is the bookend of the eclipse window and the climax of the stressed and tense energy we have all been feeling. Remember that this is only energy and can be harnessed for power, stamina and fertilizing your intentions. Anything that is out of balance in your life will rear its head for you to look at if you haven’t already done so. There may be some deep healing of very old material still needed. Don’t be hard on yourself during this moon but rather move towards and into the challenge of standing in your power.

The influences of this full moon under the total eclipse may stir up a desire to be right as well as some stubbornness and aggression among strong personalities. You may see this playing out on a larger scale in your communities and across the globe. Ask for strength, power and support for letting go of any drama that is not serving you well, acknowledge the karmic lessons you have learned and set an intention to embrace a new fertility where new ideas, insights and inspiration have a chance to take root and flourish.

Many blessings,