I was shoveling snow today after the storm began to let up and was thinking about the state of the world right now as I was keeping busy. I know what is wrong with the world, but I instead of thinking about that, I asked myself what was right with it. Good question. We are all so trained to see the bad, to take note of what is wrong, to dwell in those thoughts and as a result, our essence suffers for we are only living from half of our life. In order to live a full life that is balanced we must be able to live life through seeing what is right with the world instead of always seeing what is wrong. Something many people have not had much experience in doing. That in itself is tragic. Our minds got hijacked a long time ago!

Every day we are faced with negative, hostile and damning rhetoric. Non stop it’s all about hate; hate Trump, hate the conservatives, be defiant, get ugly. Over and over the rhetoric is like a sick drum beat pushing us along. We must not listen to this garbage any longer, it is driving us into the ground. We are falling apart and losing direction, we are putting up our own walls and separating ourselves from others we do not agree with.  If everyone just turned off their t.v. sets and made it a challenge to spend each day taking notice of what is right in the world, in our lives instead of what is wrong, our mindsets would begin to shift. It just takes us being vigilant and opening our minds beyond the closed prisons we have been trapped in. Life is rich and mysterious and there is so much for us to learn if we just get out of our own way and change how we think.

Blessings to all,




Full Moon Sunday….


This sounds like it is going to be a rather intense full moon. Well, what isn’t intense these days it seems. I think it best we pay attention and mellow out our own lives and not encourage aggression towards anybody…Stay peaceful everyone! Here is the article. Enjoy!

It’s All About ‘Being’….

Well at long last another new year is upon us and one must ask oneself, how will I BE in this new year? I can no longer even peruse my television I find the closed-minded thinking so disappointing to listen to. I had hoped humanity would have grown and moved forward in the world by now, but alas, no. It appears that society is stuck in place unable to get out of its own way. I personally feel like I have been thrown back in time, like I’ve been here before and I know where we should be and not be where we are. The pathetic rhetoric by so-called leaders is anything BUT inspirational and worthy of a leader. It is a disgrace to witness. The media have hijacked the airwaves and the Internet in its quest to brainwash the people into accepting  this stunted, backwards mindset hiding the true expanding reality of the world today.

So we the awakened ones must counter this attack on humanity by ‘BEING’ exactly what we want to see our world become. We can always choose to be kind and loving and inspiring to those around us. We can offer a hand up to those in need and give from our hearts to make a difference. We can refuse to partake in the negativity smothering the planet. We can be intelligent and open-minded and think outside the box for answers to our problems. We can create our own personal worlds of happiness by shutting out the darkness that seems to hang everywhere these days and by opening our hearts to let the light flood in. Just because our unevolved leaders choose to destroy everything around them in their quest for almighty Power and Control, not what is best for the country, we must hold tight to our beliefs of a better world and act on those beliefs with strong conviction. We can do this because this is who we are and why we are here. Only WE can make 2019 and beyond what we want it to be by how we live our own lives, how we think and most importantly how we treat the world around us. I have complete faith in us…Let us BE the change we wish to see once and for all!

Blessings and love to all…

Visionkeeper ❤

Gentle New Year To All…

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I was going to put my usual fireworks display up top for New Years Eve, but the more I thought about I it I said “No!’ The world has seen far too much violence and  violent outbursts this year and as we head into the new year, I hope we all become more self actualizing in how we are projecting ourselves out to the world. It’s time to pay attention to what we say and what we do and how we think. The world needs love to heal right now and we must be that energy that is so greatly needed to preform such a miracle. To be peaceful inside and outside, to be mindful of each other and offer respect and calmness, to be kind and caring, to begin to live our lives outside ourselves with the awareness of others. The battle between the dark and the light that is taking place right now around us is calling for our help to save the world.  I pray we can be of service and the world will accept our offerings and begin to shift it’s priorities in a more positive direction if we are ourselves are!

I send you all a millions blessings for the year ahead… ❤

Much Love……Visionkeeper

Warm Wishes To All For Christmas…

Sending each and every one of you warm wishes and much love for a wonderful holiday season. It is a good time to focus on what you can give to others not what they can give to you. The world is starving for a change. Be that change! Thank you all for stopping by here and adding your voices. It has been greatly appreciated by me over the years. Merry Christmas and may the new year finally be the one we have all been waiting for!

Love to us all…