Full Moon Energies Coming In…

The full moon in Pisces is Monday, September 20th at 5:54 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Despite relationship irritations, dissatisfaction with work and home, or feeling overwhelmed with what is on your plate, this full moon is conducive to taking a positive and proactive attitude towards improving your story. Don’t allow your energy to be depleted by the mental struggle around your perceived burden of responsibility vs your own desires and needs. Make a conscious decision that creating a better story for yourself will benefit everyone in your life. And then do it.

Take some time to observe from a neutral place where you need to make a change. There is most likely something on your plate that you can easily prune.

This full moon is an excellent time to expand your inspiration of what is possible and to set some good intentions for attracting good luck, good news and good community. Practice optimism and generosity, and trust your intuition to let your emotions lead your intentions.


Be The Change…

I just finished reading a book today called Bloodless by Preston and Childs. As always a great read. Near the end I was taken by a sentence that caught my attention. The sentence said “information is like electricity, it powers the light that allows us to see our way forward”. Truer words were never spoken.

Information encourages change and sadly as we see today, information is being kept from we the people. The main stream media is not telling us the news of what is going on in the world today, No, we are receiving altered propaganda to force beliefs on us that are not really our own. We can be the change we wish to see by having the courage to awaken to the truth and allow the old paradigm of lies to fall away. It is time! I know it is incredibly hard to accept that we have all been lied to and betrayed, but the truth of the matter is, yes we have been.. Get up and unplug your Television set and set yourself free. Once you step outside the box they have locked you within and experience a new perspective born out of truth, you are free! When you break those chains there is no going back. You won’t want to go back to what was. You can’t go back to what was. You have BECOME the change in making the world a better place.

Stay strong and focused during the coming weeks ahead. Great disruption is on its way. Now is the time to understand who we truly are at our core and what we stand for! Find the courage to fight for what YOU believe in by not backing down or doubting your beliefs. For me my belief is in the freedom to be who I wish to be, a right we were born with that we must protect if we wish to evolve to the next stage of being human. Our freedoms are being taken away and the process begins with the fact our media has lied to us and fed us false beliefs forever now. It is time to wake up and grow up and stand up for what is right! The time is upon us to AWAKEN NOW and PAY ATTENTION to our life and stop being distracted by trivia. Life and our freedoms are far too sacred to not fight to protect them.

It is time to awaken ourselves by searching out the truth and not allowing ourselves to be brainwashed any longer. We have powerful minds and we must remember to use them and think for ourselves. Information is indeed the light that allows us to see our way forward and that is precisely why it is being kept from us. This is not a time for fear, it only wears us down and destroys our immune system. This is an incredible time to be alive! While very volatile indeed, if we can stand together and fight our way through this raging storm, humanity in the end will finally be free and we will finally be allowed to grow and know ourselves. We have been slaves to the system and paying the elites way through life for a very long time now. It is time this insanity stops and we begin to do for ourselves by being who we truly wish to be and using our brilliant minds to think for ourselves. Yes we are at war and these times are becoming very dangerous, so we must focus on our strengths and a positive roadmap to follow. We will become the light if we seek out the truth so we can know and understand the world around us. Stay strong and stay safe! Be the love you wish to see in this new world emerging.

Blessings and much love ❤


New Moon Cometh…

A new moon is always a good time for a reset and for beginning a new cycle. There is a burst of new energy and inspiration that can be harnessed as fuel for a new project, relationship or intention. This moon specifically triggers a potent energy that can be experienced either as fear and anxiety or as excitement for a positive shift as it has to do with inevitable change. Intuition is enhanced and you can get downloads of insights, truth and clarity.

This moon also brings to the surface a self-awareness of behaviors, energy leaks, dysfunctional aspects of your “story”, and encourages leaving your comfort zone to make a change, broaden your container, and step out into a new landscape. This could increase your excitement and inspiration or you may feel irritated or uncomfortable. Make sure you are not projecting any negativity onto others and watch potential projections of others onto you.

There is also a desire to organize chaos and make a plan. It is a good time to do some physical organization in your personal environment such as filing, cleaning and decluttering. Strive for balance between much needed personal alone time for reflection and connecting with others in a social container.



September Forecast…

It sounds like it is time to create a new story for ourselves. I know personally I am sick to death of the one we are residing in right now. Time for some freedom, joy, honesty and compassion. I hear from many different sources that September onward are going to be very challenging months and will require our intention and focus to keep writing the new story and releasing the old. It will require our courage and commitment. Here is the article.


Full Moon Time Again…

Full Moon in Aquarius is Sunday August 22 at 6:01 AM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

This is an auspicious time to connect with more inner confidence, clarity, good luck and success. Relationships of all kinds are supported – especially around new adventures, novelty and exploration. It could be an exciting time to launch something new and a good time to receive the support you need from others to move forward with commitment and stability. Be inspired, be creative, be social, be outgoing, reach out, share your wildest dreams and focus on being happy no matter what.

If you are struggling, do some self care with your comfort in mind without going over into self indulgence. It may be a discipline not to dwell on the shift (without the f), but this full moon is an opportunity to move beyond what brings your vibration down and launch you into a new sense of self, more connected with your passion and desires. Don’t waste this chance for bringing in more happiness, good fortune, creativity, partnership and success. 


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