Rough Seas…


I have been thinking a lot today about everything going on around me. It has been for me a difficult time and I am hearing from many others that it is for them as well.  The energies are intense and very heavy right now. Nobody ever said moving from one paradigm into another was easy. We can see the day to day struggle people are dealing with as well as the deep division that has split this country and driven people apart. It is no wonder these are such complex times to navigate. The foundation beneath our feet is undulating violently and we feel insecure about everything in life right now. We can’t trust lying politicians, we can’t trust our lying government, we can’t trust lying corporations and their products, we can’t trust the medical profession or the drugs they push, we can’t trust the food we eat, the air we breathe or the water we drink. So now what? What can we trust?

Trust is the glue that cements humanity together. Trust in ourselves, trust in each other and most importantly trust in the Universe. Without trust we have chaos on so many levels. Trusting ourselves and our own judgment seems to be the most critical issue for us to work on at this moment in time. Why is trust so difficult for us to attain? Because we have been lied to, our moral fabric has been torn to shreds, all of our long standing beliefs have been turned on their head and are no longer accepted by society much of the time. What’s important to notice is that nature doesn’t seem to be having these dramatic difficulties. I am thinking this is because nature does not have an ego to deal with and therefore accepts things as they are. So often people ask “Why are we here?” and to them I say “to learn how to tame our egos and master compassion by thinking with our hearts not our minds.”

I so wish we as a society were advanced enough to communicate by mental telepathy. We have bastardized words and their meanings to such a point we can no longer communicate successfully with one another. We use words to attack someones integrity now rather than for making our point understood. If we could use mental telepathy we would know what everyone is thinking, there would be no more lying and cheating, no more judgment of each other. It is where we want to go but we seem so far away from that reality coming true. I believe this moment in our human story we are meant to be asking ourselves the difficult questions, thinking outside the box and working hard to come up with NEW answers. This is NOT the time to sit back and do nothing to push for much needed change. Where are the opposing voices to the insanity we see and hear everyday? I see but a few demanding change from the travesties that have been and still are, failing our society. It is deadly quiet.

I wish I had the answers to all of these mind boggling questions and problems. It’s what keeps me up at night. How can humanity get beyond this place we appear to be stuck in and move forward? The only answer I can come up with is to get right with ourselves first. Everybody is running through life with a hundred different masks to hide behind but in doing so they are hiding from themselves as well. If you can’t be true to yourself how can you be true other people? Everybody is living a lie and hopefully sooner rather than later this has got to stop! How can we trust anybody if we don’t honestly know who they are? We humans have a whole lot of serious work to do and we need to stop wasting time bitching and moaning about the state of the world and get busy changing what we don’t like, both with ourselves as well as humanity as a whole. A great deal of the unhappiness society is experiencing seems anchored in knowing we need to move on but we are afraid to do that. We sadly are letting ourselves down and that disappointment is at the core of the unrest we are experiencing.

The world may be filled with liars and fakes but that doesn’t mean we have to be that way. We are being called upon to live with strong morals, to be truthful with our words, tame our out of control egos and begin to live from our hearts not our minds. Someone has got to begin this process so why not each of us? Change will not just manifest without our actions perpetuating it! Stay strong and true to yourselves. Be the change!

Blessings to all,



New Moon Time Again….


It sounds like this new moon may push us to our limits with very strong energies. As with everything in life, we have a choice. In this case we have a choice as to how we work with these energies. Stay aware and awake. Here is the article. Enjoy!

Will We Choose To See The Truth….?

I was reading an article earlier about right to life vs abortion rights and it got me thinking. We  often hear politicians say proudly “We are a nation of laws”.  I have lived my life carefully, always staying within the lines of the laws that we are told we must obey. Usually I would agree with this as we always are told about the chaos that would ensue if we were to stop living by the rule of law, but then I thought more deeply about this way of life we are living.

It seems to me if we always do what we are told because we are told to, that in itself takes away our ability to experience  making choices and learning by experience what is the right way to live ones life. We wonder why so many people don’t seem to have morals and standards anymore, but I guess we no longer need them if we live by rules and laws and not by our own understanding of right and wrong and how one lives a respectable life by embracing wholesome morals.

There are so many subtle ways we have had our life experience tampered with and we are unfortunately beginning to  see the results of abandoning our sense of self. That is what creates chaos! If we don’t stop long enough to question how we are living life, what we are doing and where we are going, we are just going through the motions of living life but without purpose or understanding…Just a thought I had….

Blessings to all,

Visionkeeper ❤

The Full Moon Cometh….

Yep, that time again.  The full moon is on the 18th and hopefully we have put our intended desires into motion during the new moon so it can come to fruition this full moon. Take the time to share with others your ideas and maybe we can all come together and create the changes we wish to see. Happy howling! Here is the article.

P.S. I will be off line for a short while as my son will be here visiting.  I will try to keep up with what is going on and keep everyone informed as needed. Thanks.

We Have Been In Training…



As I sit and observe everything going on in this crazy world today it occurs to me that humanity has been in training forever it seems, being pushed and directed by leaders to let go of our individuality! We are shown constantly that we must think and act like everyone else around us or risk being politically incorrect on so many levels. It is a subtle pressure always showing or telling us we should feel this or that, think this or that because it’s what everyone else should be doing to be accepted by the whole. Wrong! I urge everyone to break free and take time to reconnect with who you TRULY are while you still can, before your brainwashed thinking leads you too far astray to find your way back home. Individuality is slowly being bred out of us and that is very dangerous indeed. Our strength lies in knowing who we are but who are we if we are being told to be and think like everybody else? Like everything being used against us it is not only subtle and masked by supposed well-meaning ideas, it has been pounded into our heads for decades over and over until it begins to become our identity.

This behavior we have been engaged in unknowingly is stealing our identity and we are left floundering and wondering where we are going because we no longer know who we are. Take time to sit down with a pencil and paper and write down a list of who you are. Not a superficial list of information about gender, age, career etc. A list of what makes up who you are. What morals do you live by that you will never change? They speak volumes about who you are. Do your day-to-day actions match your morals or do you bend according to the moment? Do you know what sincerely means the most to you in life? Do you honor those things by being faithful to your hearts true desires? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves and answering rather than allowing ourselves to be swept up in the politically correct brainwashing going on today.

I matter. You matter. We all matter. We are separate individuals with gifts to share with the world to make it a better place. Do you even know what your own personal gifts are? One has to know what they are before they can  share those gifts with others. We spend so much wasted time watching lies on television and incorporating them into our minds as facts but they are false! We have gotten caught up in believing we have to be like everybody around us or else we won’t fit in. Individual thinking is frowned upon forcing us to bury those thoughts deep within until we forget them. It is time to learn to LET GO of what is expected of us by societal demands and find the courage to be who we wish to be and think and say what we wish to think and say. Banish the fear to be yourself and embrace your sacred being on all levels. Enough of the insanity plaguing society. Free yourself by BEING who you wish to be.

Blessings and love…