Stop And Think For A Moment…

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I just wanted to give everyone something to think about today while they enjoy a day off from the daily grind. I wrote a quote that I believe says it quite honestly.

” When the people finally wake up and stop believing everything they are being told day in and day out, then maybe, just maybe, the truth will begin to reveal itself to them at long last.”

I see stories abound on the internet or being blasted on the television or social media, about such things as the Iran Nuke Deal and the great danger the world will be in if it goes through. I used to feel that way 100%. I still leave a small percentage open to feeling that way, but then I had to ask myself this: Why do I think this way? Answer: Because of everything I have been told or watched or read about it. My next and more important question I asked was: How do I know what I have been told is the truth? Answer: I don’t know, and that is my point. What if in fact Iran has no intentions of creating nuclear weapons at all, but we have been made to believe they do as part of some sick agenda? We are a society that believes everything we are told( or we used to) and we believe these things because we believe our Government is there to protect us. Well let me ask you this: ” How do you know you can trust the Government, how do you know what they tell you is the truth and for our best interest?” Obviously if people open their eyes and look around them at all the lies we have been told about things, those questions can be easily answered. Propaganda is a powerful weapon being used to debunk all truths being exposed. It would behoove us to pay close attention and start looking for the answers to these questions while we still can. Remember, saving ourselves will come from our becoming aware and awake, and that awareness can only come from our asking questions about everything to find the truth.

Just thinking….

Blessings to us all,


7 thoughts on “Stop And Think For A Moment…

  1. Agreed its like many other countries and what they are told about us.. It stems from those creating the headlines and the propaganda being given out to the media..
    People need to wake up to discern the truth for themselves.. Which is very easy to do,, If one opens ones eyes and heart. ❤ Hugs DW


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