Let There Be Light….

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There is a great deal of darkness in the world right now, chaos seems to enter into every incident we come upon. We are being fed a steady diet of lies and we feel lost and uncertain and yet we seem to sense within that there is more to life, another side to the story that needs our attention and investigation, there is a greater truth to be revealed to us. Let us all be the light that shines in the darkest corners revealing what is there. Let us become true to ourselves by honoring our individuality rather than following the herd to our demise. Let us feel pride in owning strong morals and standing for what is right, being the voice when there is nobody else to speak and demanding respect from ourselves as well as others. Become one with your soul that knows where you are going and is helping to guide you there (If you pay attention).

In essence what I am trying to speak about is reconnecting with life and with our light within. We each have so much to offer the world but so often it gets lost in the day-to-day scurrying about we find ourselves mindlessly doing. As unsettled as these times are, they are also pregnant with opportunities for change and betterment. Where the old ways break down and fail, new ideas blossom so we can build anew. Forget the daily soap opera being programmed into your heads everyday and think for yourself, listen to what your gut is telling you ( that is your soul talking to you). not what somebody else is telling you, Society has chosen materialism, drugs and social media to fill the voids within when all this time the void within is screaming for US to fill our own voids by reconnecting with who we truly are. The way back to a peaceful, happy life can only come about when we recognize how far we have drifted from our intended target and get ourselves back on the right road again to oneness. The human body is made up of light, so let yours shine brightly in the darkness.

Blessings and love to all,

Visionkeeper ❤


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Okay…I have put off writing this post for long enough and so now I will go forward and say my truth.  I believe WordPress  continues its shadowbanning not only of me, but I’m sure many others. Many of my readers probably think I don’t answer their comments and  have given up on me. If I were receiving your comments in my email, I would know I had gotten them and answered them, but alas, my email box remains empty as does my spam box. I am DONE listening to WP’s feeble attempts at covering their butts. NO! My emails from all of you are NOT in my spam box. That is their latest attempt at blowing me off.  I get NO alerts from WP that anyone has commented on my blog and I get no alerts from other people’s blogs that they have answered my comments on their blogs. I do not know how much longer I will remain in this hostile environment. I love my blog, I love my readers, but I am sick to death of being silenced everywhere I go because I don’t agree or fit in with some warped radical agenda!

If one speaks out these days against the sick agendas going on and dares to expose the truth, they are silenced one way or another. Yes I speak out and yes they silence me, but I will not stay silenced. They can do what they want but they cannot silence my spirit for truth and honesty! Both are the very soul of who I am and they picked the wrong person to go up against. These are very scary times in America as we witness the destruction of our very history, as we witness the hijacking of all media sources so people are only allowed to hear what they want us to hear! Look at Fox news! Traitors. They have been bought out by Disney and the first thing they do is silence conservative voices by eliminating them and are now restaffing with all Democrats so the conservative voice is dead or so they think. But our voices are NOT dead, we are very much alive and far reaching. Someone needs to start a #walkawayfromfox at Twitter.

I do NOT know if I will continue on here at WP, something tells me it’s time to sit back quietly and just watch the radical left fall and be marched off to prison and feel joy with that. Their time has come. In my humble opinion WP has stepped over the line but then again, their time will come as well. When this sick radical left agenda fails they fail! I haven’t written much lately as why bother? Whatever I write ends up floating about in the technical cosmos somewhere and so many no longer know I’ve posted anything and they don’t come to read. Just the way they want it. If I leave I shall miss each and every one of you who have traveled with me over the years. I have not made my decision just yet.  Stay strong and true to yourselves no matter what happens! Reality is one huge lie at the moment and it takes patience and determination to sort through them all for the truth, but you must! Truth must prevail at all costs!!!!

Blessings and love to all,

Visionkeeper ❤


Another World Is Possible…



Well, it seems to me given all of the negative news spewing hate filled rhetoric these days, that we who are awake to the truth, must stand up and use ourselves to push a new and more positive narrative out into the world. Imagine if you will all of us going out of our way to help other people, random acts of kindness. Not just once  because you saw a blind man waiting to cross a busy street and so you offer to walk across with him, but EVERYDAY as many times as the opportunity presents itself.

The world can either drown and sink beneath the violent waves of hate and greed and power, or it can shine and flourish as it rises up through the smoke and ruins to become what we desire for it to become. Loving and kind and sharing to all because race baiting no longer exists, lies no longer hold power, wealth no longer defines us therefore greed is useless. The only way we can possibly grasp the importance of this and why it is needed so desperately at this time, is by partaking in random acts of kindness, for it is only then one can feel the rush of good feelings one gets when one makes the effort to reach out to others. Once you do, it makes you want to do it again and hopefully again. This is how we change who we are for the better, by the repetition of doing good deeds until it becomes who we are automatically. It is our job now to shift the narrative from dark to light and lead the way to a better world. By helping others we help ourselves. Lets go for it!

Blessings, faith and love…


Challenge Yourself…

If we really are serious about wanting to change the world for the better, perhaps we best start with changing ourselves for the better first. Change begins with us and radiates outward into the world and to those around us. According to the various astrological reports I’ve read and have also posted on this blog, with Uranus moving into Taurus we should expect the unexpected and that includes the coming of CHANGE!

It’s time, we are long overdue to move forward and become a new version of ourselves, hopefully for the better. Knowing we are at this phase of our journey and with Uranus in Taurus at our backsides pushing us along, I challenge each of us to take this time to choose one aspect of ourselves or our lives we wish to change for the better and go after it until we are successful. Commit yourselves to this challenge and like a dog with a bone, don’t let go, don’t give up, stay true to your desire and follow through. If we are all doing this and doing it for the better, how can we go wrong?  I challenge myself to take more risks each day and welcome more of ‘life’ freely into my space instead of hiding from it. Good luck everyone!

Blessings to you all…. Visionkeeper ❤