Existing or Thriving?


I think we could all  benefit from asking ourselves seriously, “Am I just existing, you know, getting by okay or am I thriving?”  I was looking through pictures just now trying to decide what I would write about. For those who have been at this blog for a while, you know I usually find the picture for my posts first, then the story comes. It is an interesting way of looking at things. I came across this picture I’ve used here and received an instant message from its color and design. That message was ” Make everyday of your life a colorful, cheerful piece of art.” We are the empty canvas and what we do with each day is the art. Life is the gallery and it is we who decide what kind of picture hangs upon its walls. One of beauty, flowing and connection that is forever changing or one that is stagnant, without movement or vibrant colors? We can create beauty and art at any given moment, the choice is always ours to make… Even something as simple and basic as the food we eat. Let your imagination go wild! Make your life a rare Picasso.

Blessings to you all,


Just In Case You Had Doubts…Here’s Hope!


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I was listening to this short video and was quite taken aback by it.  I found it interesting to hear what the number 1 fear is of the American people. I was expecting the usual like terrorism or homeland attacks, but the answer was stunning.  Americans are most afraid of the corruption of government officials. This eye-opening result of the poll tells me that there is indeed light brightly flickering at the end of this dark  tunnel  we have all been walking through. The people are definitely waking up and realizing  a new and rather ugly truth. The government is corrupt and robbing them blind and they do not have our best interest at heart. Quite the opposite!  There was a time not long ago when these poll results would have been very different. The people have not only woken up, they courageously have chosen to face the truth and feel the betrayal and hurt of what has been done to them, rather than bury it  and deny it.

This is a huge step for humanity, especially since  a large percentage of people  are either numbed out on prescription drugs, their minds numbed out by television drivel, or distracted by false flags,  high drama and manipulated fear mongering. We have had everything thrown  at us but the kitchen sink, but we are all still standing! Battered and bruised perhaps and totally exhausted, but our engines are still running and our faith is still strong.  Keep up the fight all you visionary pioneers, we are nearing the finish line. The signs are there all around us, the old crumbling away and the new coming in behind it. There will be chaos  as the world shifts its perspectives, strengthens its morals and changes its paradigm. There is always chaos as the old dies off and the new springs forth with fresh ideas. Let us be aware of what lies ahead, stay awake, as always question everything, but above all, BE LOVE to yourself and all those around you! That is our ticket for admission into the new paradigm here on earth. Keep your faith strong! Thanks to Activist Post…

Blessings to us all,