Living For ‘Now’…

In light of all the insanity going on in America right now, may I humbly suggest to everyone that they place their focus fully on  living each moment they find themselves in. Stay in the present moment. I don’t like to give out suggestions as a rule, but there needs to be another voice out here in the darkness that speaks to truth as Main Stream Media sure won’t! The wisest and safest thing we can do for ourselves to get through all of the trauma being crammed down our throats every single day, would be to turn off our tv sets or at least by pass the news stations. You will not be getting actual news, you will be getting someone else’s views of the news and in this day and age, those views are biased and deeply corrupted. Just my opinion. In my world, knowledge is power, but we best make sure that the knowledge we are ingesting and claiming as our perceptions, our reality, is backed up by facts and it is truthful! If one never receives truthful awareness of what is going on in the world, how can they possibly prepare themselves and stay safe for whatever comes their way?

I am thoroughly ashamed of the political structure dominating our lives right now. The grand standing, the misinformation, the theater taking place at this very moment, has no place in society in the 21st century. We should be well beyond this lower frequency thinking we are displaying which embraces hate, fear, and dishonesty and is completely lacking the ability to see the bigger picture for ALL not just a few. It is both ugly and extremely harmful.  What politicians are doing to this country right now is so monumentally damaging and yet they haven’t got a clue what their sick and violent rhetoric is doing to our psyches. Then again maybe they do. I rather believe they are so lost in their closed minded thinking they are totally unable to even entertain a new way of viewing life and how it should be. They cannot see what they are inflicting upon a society of innocent people, they cannot get out of the box.

I hope I can encourage everyone to step back, unplug, rejoin the great outdoors and place our focus on what is good in our lives and stop dwelling on drama we can really do nothing about. Fear based thinking is one of the lowest frequencies we humans vibrate at, is it not time to climb up the ladder and finally raise our frequency up out of fear and hate and violence into a more peaceful frequency that centers around being loving and giving and kind and truthful and compassionate? Why is humanity so complacent to remain mired in the darkness and pain when by awakening our thoughts and hearts we can move forward and proudly become more of who we can be. Have we lost the desire and challenge to be more? I personally have not and I hope all of you out there have not as well.

I send prayers to not only those who are grieving great loss today from the mass shootings, but I send prayers out to all of humanity that we wake up soon and realize what is really going on and we start thinking for ourselves once again! The greatest gift you can give yourself is to awaken your heart and mind.

Blessings and love to all,

Visionkeeper ❤