Cat Lessons…

The temperature soared to 93 yesterday! My sweet and beloved kitty Maymay looked like a pancake on my bedroom carpet, like she was run over by a steam roller. She was laying in front of the oscillating fan trying to get cool. I looked at her a moment while she slept and thought “Yuk!” Who would want to sleep on a wool carpet on such a humid hot day?” So me being attentive, off I went to get a cotton sheet to lay on top of the carpet so she could be cooler. NO! She wanted nothing to do with it and went back to the hot carpet to sleep. Lesson one: Leave well enough alone!

So she went back to sleeping and I went back to reading my book. As I was trying to read, a thought, an observation, came screaming into my head snatching up my attention. I suddenly thought “Why don’t I put as much energy into taking care of myself and my needs like I do Maymay’s? I always try to make her happy but how often do I think to make myself happy and tended?” So lesson two is a biggie in learning to pay attention to my life and tend to it with love. Lesson Two: I MATTER!!!

Blessings and love ❤



22 thoughts on “Cat Lessons…

  1. Yayyyy!! YOU MATTER❤️ So simple yet so obscure at times. We check in with our pets, friends families – so many others -ha even bill collectors before we check in with ourselves ❤️❤️I love learning this – thank you for the post. And your kitty is soooooo beautiful 💜🌈

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    • Thanks D….You’re right, such a simple concept but one so often overlooked! I’m glad Maymay pointed that out to me! lol. She’s a good girl. She’s what they call a Bengal…She has all the stripes and swirls on her sides but when you stand her up her belly is all spots. Hence the name Bengal like the tiger. Thanks for your thoughts! Always appreciated Each of us matters!!! ❤ VK

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  2. I so, so, relate to this VK….. Poor Biscuit hardly was home for three days, he was wandering about flopping on the floor.. I would brush his coat to take excess fur off of him… He drank plenty of water but hardly ate… He would go off to the allotments most of the time and we would find him stretched out under the hedgerow where it was cooler and a slight breeze… Though I have never ever felt HOT wind before… and it was hot!!…
    ( we don’t have air-con in many homes here in the UK just no need for it lol )
    I worried and fussed over him…

    And YES you Do Matter VK…. very much… We are just made that way I guess my friend… Service to others not service to self… But a little TLC upon ourselves is most definitely needed… For if we do not take care of ourselves, how can we take care of others..

    Sending LOVE and hope its cooled down where you are now… Much cooler here from 40C last week, to 24c today.. And a few tiny showers in-between… ❤
    Mega Hugs VK… Love DW.. ❤

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    • Oh poor Biscuit….Yeah, very hot! Today is supposedly the end for a short spell, of course accompanied by severe storms…lol…Can’t just stop the attack on humanity with a whimper…To heck with them. It may be hot for us but it’s really going to heat up for them quite soon I believe!!!! I wouldn’t want to be them when the people turn….I’m glad Biscuit has a cool place to lay down. Maybe we all should be laying in the dirt. lol 🙂 Thanks as always for your thoughts DW. I hope you guys cool down as well in the near future. Hugs to you from Maymay and i ❤ VK

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  3. I soooo understand this. I go out of my way to make my cat comfortable and happy and nothing seems to please her. She wants to do everything her way! I matter too and need to pay attention to myself.

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    • Yep Eugenia….My thoughts weren’t on my cat so much in the end as she showed me I never do for myself! Why? I’ve started to pay more attention in little ways. Like pacing myself. Instead of getting the whole job done asap like we’ve been taught, if it takes me four or five times to complete but I’m not exhausted when its done, then I don’t care…I’m taking care of me and screw everything we’ve been falsely programmed to believe….As for the cat, as I said “Leave well enough alone”…She wasn’t asking me to make her cooler on the cotton sheet, it is me giving her personal human feelings which is ridiculous…Live and learn the hard way…Good luck in your endeavors…..VK ❤

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      • I’ve slowed down a lot since I retired. I still get things done, but like you the job doesn’t have to be completed, ASAP! I had enough of that when I worked. I think we all try to read our pet’s feelings and perhaps, go overboard to please them. They’re lucky we gave them a home. MOL


    • Good…Glad to hear you are pacing yourself now…Boy were we programmed all our lives. Got to work, got to fill every hour doing something productive, you’re a loser if you don’t finish the job…So insane and we all bought into that garbage….Glad we learned. Better late than never. Enjoy you cat….VK ❤

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  4. That you do kind lady, and we tend to do that ‘focus’ thing on everything else but us. But we are learning. And in that vein of thought, it must be time for a ‘me’ thing…beach, walk, coffee…tick! 🤣❤️🙏🏽

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