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We are only a few short weeks away from the over blown Christmas holiday. Credit card companies are already sending out deals in the mail for using their cards for all of your purchases, computer apps are being created to make buying easy and literally one stop shopping. The push to engage consumers to buy products always doubles and triples during the holidays. The true meaning of the holidays has been lost and buried beneath corporate greed.

In a previous post I wrote today, I discussed how now was the time to no longer remain silent but rather speak out, stand up for truth and above all get ourselves in the action mode. Well now is a great time to practice being active with the hopes of making a difference. We all would like our freedom back, we all would like to see the control of humanity end, we all would like the elite to just disappear! Well we can all play a part in achieving this goal by refusing to shop at big box chain stores. If you take the money out of corporation pockets you take away their power! You take away their power and you begin to level the playing field. So don’t fall into the corporate trap of feeling you must spend money you probably don’t even have to purchase meaningless presents. If you absolutely must, buy from small Mom and Pop stores or make your gifts and make gift giving mean just that much more.

Please see if you have the inner strength to let go of the manufactured fantasy of Christmas and stay far away from Big Box stores and save your money instead of lining the pockets of Corporate CEO’s. Think simply, buy or make gifts simply and bring back the true meaning of Christmas. Find new ways of celebrating with family that opens up hearts and makes you feel good. I remember when people began to stop making Thanksgiving all about gorging on three helpings of the Thanksgiving meal and instead reinstated the art of giving thanks as a family together, concentrating instead on what they were grateful for. If we want change it begins with taking away the money which feeds the power machine of the elite. It becomes a two for one special! You begin to bring down our oppressors and you bring back the true and loving meaning of holidays in your family.

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    • Making gifts always brings so much more meaning…You connect yourself to the whole process and it feels so much more real. I have not partaken in xmas for a long time, unless my son comes which is not all the time….They have ruined every happy moment for us unfortunately…Soon to change tho’…VK xo


  1. It always lacked meaningful feelings to me. Like all the elite contrived holidays they are all based around money for the corporations and empty pockets for the consumers. Take me back to making presents and sharing gratitude for all you have! Thanks Renard…VK 🙂


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