Becoming More….

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As crazy as the world seems to be these days, it is so important for us to stay centered so we can help the world transition into being one of compassion. I’m sharing a few ways we can practice everyday to become more than who we are.


1. Always ask yourself when speaking, ” Is what I am about to say going to be positive and uplifting?” If not, remain silent.

2. When facing adversity, always look for the good that hides beneath the bad. It is always there waiting to be found. Be a seeker in your life.

3. Each day you awaken, be thankful your eyes opened and you are still breathing. Practice being grateful everyday and make it become a habit from your heart.

4. Speak only truth from your lips! Truth is what brings balance to the world.

5. Always respect yourself and all others. Life cannot flow freely if respect is not being honored by all. We each deserve to journey through our life exactly as we choose, by being loved and accepted without being judged or condemned.

6. Be curious, ask questions and always seek the truth. Take nothing for granted.

7. Be compassionate and kind to all, no matter the circumstances. Doing so lifts up and inspires those people and encourages them to be compassionate and kind to others on their journey as well.

8. Believe and trust in yourself! Honor who you are and challenge all self doubt. If we believe and trust in ourselves, we make room for love to blossom within.

9. Pay attention to life! Interact with it and experience it fully by taking yourself off of autopilot. Use your precious mind each day so it stays strong!

10. Find joy in giving to others from your heart. In the end you are helping yourself as well as them.

Blessings to all and happy holidays…


7 thoughts on “Becoming More….

  1. An excellent list, VK, a very valuable source of reminders! I’ll print it out and keep it handy (if you don’t mind!)
    Some I try hard at but others I can greatly improve upon, if I’m being honest.
    I’ve recently decided to try to become the best person that I can be, so you’ve posted this at exactly the right time!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you… that is something we don’t have here, although our shops seem to have taken to Black Friday for some reason.
    Great post, VK👍☺

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    • Hey there Skyz!!!! Glad to see you are still alive & functioning in this crazed world….Everyday it gets a bit closer to the grand finale…Still waiting….Hope you guys have a great turkey day. I’ll shoot you an email….Be sweet and take care….Hugs and love to all….VK ❤


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