20 thoughts on “Full Moon Tonight!

    • Hey DW….You’re right. Time is screaming by and I keep wondering where summer went. Did we actually have one? Such strange times all around. Hope the harvest is going well. Thanks my friend. Have a great weekend ahead….Hugs and love and hi to hubby….VK ❤

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      • Time is certainly going at a faster pace, as we spin within this construct.. Crops are growing well, we may have to lift our onions early though, they are the best hubby has grown from seed in years, and someone is helping themselves to them, Also other crops are being raided… We have our suspicions but as hubby says, they probably need it more than we do… Though when its a fellow allotmenteer, it’s not good.. I would sooner give it away than it be stolen.. But we cannot prove anything so we shouldn’t jump to conclusions or judge.. Just sad though that people have to feel they have to steel.. When we put so much into our plot..
        Hubby says hi right back VK… Love and Hugs your way ❤


    • DW….Can you guys put up one of those trail cams and catch them on film? That would put an end to it. I don’t mind sharing with those in need, but I wouldn’t like sharing with someone just taking my food because they don’t have to work for it…Not fair. Sorry to hear about that. Hugs… VK ❤

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      • We have a motion camera which my daughter bought her dad for our back garden to watch hedgehogs for his B’day a couple of years ago
        We have thought about that, but to be honest, I think the camera would be taken .. And hubby and I would not like this gift which brings pleasure from our hedgehog world .. The plots are open plan. Not all are honest.. We had probs a few years back with two youths, who I think just got the plot to raid others.. One since has been jailed… 😦

        I have thought about putting up a notice to the effect that there is a camera, on the inside of the shed.. But in the past even our sheds have been broken into..
        So we learn to share!!!… The individual we think it is broke his ankle, actually said he fell down the side of plot!.. While he was immobile nothing went.. He has been back for two weeks and things are going again.. His plot has nothing but weeds. To be fair he has back problems, has for years, and each year he does less and less, on his plot
        I feel for his pain.. Like I said I cannot prove any thing, and shouldn’t judge.. but the more we think about the things which go, are always on his side in easy reach.. And it stopped while he was not able to get to the plot due to his ankle.. Soooooo…
        We were alerted more because another plot holder said this man had said what a good crop of peas he had had..
        Now we know for certain his peas were hidden among the weeds and were about dried up because of neglect and choked out..
        We got 8 pounds of peas off of two rows of ours and we had another late crop which had loads of peas waiting for us to pick which looked to have around the same amount.. When we came to pick them, there were hardly any left… we got 2 pounds from them, yet they were bigger variety and stronger pod.. Again, all adding to our deductions Dr Watson lol… 🙂
        We come to the conclusion he has to live with his conscience!!… and must need it…


    • As with every situation we encounter, there is a deeper, more instructive reason for that situation being in our lives. It is hard to accept things sometimes. Like this fellow stealing your harvest, especially after you guys put in all the hard work. To have someone come along and rip you off is so disrespectful. I guess that is what sets me off the most. So few people seem to care anymore. Respect has begun to disappear from our way of being as humans. Yes he will have to live with what he’s done but truthfully, that type never seem to feel bad for their disrespectful actions. Frustrating. I think I would at least leave a message that you guys are aware of what is going on and maybe he will fell less free to violate your space. Just suggesting a camera somewhere is hidden and watching might deter him, I wouldn’t say where. I don’t know if you guys have trees and other stuff where it would be plausible to hide one or if its just wide open flat land. Worth a try. Personally I just wish people would be more aware of themselves and how they are living their lives. So what lesson is to be learned from all of this? Good luck DW…Thinking of you…VK ❤


      • Maybe the lesson of tolerance in that others feel lack enough to take from someone else. This whole world lives in that state of being. But maybe it’s showing us we have more than enough to share 🤗 I don’t know. So we will see how it pans out. We both know if ever there were a major crisis. The plot would be stripped in no time ☹️ have a good weekend VK. Love your way 💕


    • Yes, you’re right DW….Scarcity is the mantra we have all been raised on. Not enough of anything to go around. Sad. It’s part of the agenda to keep us pushed down and feeling less than. God forbid we should grow strong and have power! Hopefully there will be no crisis….Maybe you should get as much in early as you can to be on the safe side! Stay at peace my friend…Hugs…VK ❤

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